Affected by Omicron even after taking two vaccines? How long do you have to stay in isolation?


  • Many people are still infected with the virus after receiving two vaccines.
  • Experts have been warning about the dangers of Omicron.
  • Must take preventive measures.

This time living desk: Covid (Covid 19) Showing his game again. This time he has come Omicron (Omicron) Form. Omikron came quietly and appeared in the midst of being busy with Delta for so long. Research shows that this virus is more contagious than Delta. This time, many people are being infected with this contagious virus even after getting two vaccines. Then the question arises, how long should I stay in isolation if I am infected with Omicron (Isolation)? But first let’s take a look at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) thinking about this new strain.

The World Health Organization has asked to keep in mind three things about Omicron, 1. The rate of infection of this virus, II. How effective is the vaccine against, 3. How deadly is this virus from other strains. Of course, the answers to these three questions are still uncertain. Ongoing research.

How long should isolation last?
According to the world’s leading experts, since Omicron is also a strain of Corona, the same rule must be followed in this case. In this case, after getting two vaccines, if infected, 14 days should be spent in isolation.Quarantine). But in this case the rules are a little different in America. People who have been vaccinated in that country have to stay in isolation for 10 days. And if booster dose is taken, the time will be reduced to 5 days.

“We’ve discussed this,” said Anthony Fawcett, a leading infectious disease specialist and chief health adviser to the White House. This decision allows those who have no symptoms to go to school or work.

However, experts have always warned about the dangers of Omicron. Dr Poonam Kshetrapal Singh, Hu’s regional head for Southeast Asia, said every country should strive. Omicron must be prevented. Immune measures must be taken for that purpose. We need to focus on the people who are in the worst situation.

What will happen? Omicron treatment?
The treatment is the same as for the old corona virus. Even if you are infected with Omicron, you have to stay in isolation for 14 days. Various tests will continue. However, there is no need to go to the hospital if there is no excess in this case. And if the problem is too much, you have to be admitted to a special ward of the hospital. However, do not panic about this disease. In most cases, the disease does not progress far. However, there is no warning! Take all possible measures to keep yourself away from this disease.

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Affected by Omicron even after taking two vaccines? How long do you have to stay in isolation?