Allergy to wool clothes! Be careful this way


  • Problems can also arise from woolen cloth.
  • Most of the time the problem occurs immediately after getting dressed.
  • It would be wise to seek medical advice.

This time living desk: We are quite happy in the winter market. At this time we took out a lot of old winter clothes from home and put them in the sun. Then the winter celebration continues by melting those clothes. This is how most people spend their lives. However, many have sensitive skin. These woolen clothes of all those people (Wool Allergy) May also cause problems. So each of us must be careful.

Symptoms of wool allergy are: If you see wool in winter, your body is itching, rash, redness, swelling, runny nose, red eyes, runny nose, breathing problems, etc. If you see such problems, be careful. Because you may be allergic to these clothes.

In this case, the body can not tolerate this fabric or the fiber in the fabric. Problems can occur in other parts of the body, including the skin. Keep in mind, however, that this problem may not be just from wool fabrics. This problem can also be caused by various micro-organisms in the fabric.

In this case, if there are some common problems, there is no reason for such a headache. However, if you have problems with sinusitis, ear problems, shortness of breath, etc., you need to be careful. Then you must consult a doctor.

How do you know the problem is wool fabric?
Initially the problem with wool cloth is not very difficult to understand. In this case, most of the time the problem occurs immediately after wearing clothes. So the affected person can easily understand the problem. However, this is not always the case. In that case the problem is seen after a long time of reading clothes. Then the problem is to understand the problem. In this case, the doctor can understand your problem.

How to solve the problem?
If there is a problem for the first time, it would be wise to consult a doctor. In that case, take the medicine after seeing the prescription of the doctor. In this case anti-allergy medicine should be taken. This medicine will initially get you out of trouble. However, the doctor’s advice is not all. In that case you have to take care of yourself to solve the problem.

  • If there is a problem with woolen clothes, then no more wearing woolen clothes.
  • Now, apart from wool, winter clothes of different fabrics have come out. Wear it.
  • If you want to wear woolen clothes exclusively, you must take good care before wearing those clothes. Wear it after catching it.
  • But if there is a problem again, it can be given. So try not to wear woolen clothes.

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Allergy to wool clothes! Be careful this way