Are you getting married? Of course, find out the answer to these 3 questions!


  • Money is needed to run the family.
  • Note the aspect of making money.
  • You cannot recognize him if you do not know the past.

This time living desk: Now the love has increased. From a very young age people fall in love now, eat crush, again breakup. In this way, when the age of marriage is over, in many cases, there is no more love. As a result, the last resort is to get married. There is also another group of people who have never cast a shadow of love. But these people also get married. They also have only one option for marriage. And that option is Orange Marriage (Arranged Marriage)।

This marriage is inextricably linked with Indian culture. In this case, usually one party goes to see the other party. They see each other for the first time. Then talk slowly. Family members also play a special role in this marriage. As well as the two people moving towards the wedding also talked to each other. Then when it comes to talking, the two of them go for a walk outside. In that case we meet and talk to each other. After that, if everything goes well, these two people say yes to marriage. Then it is the turn of Sanai Bazaar.

However, as has been seen in many cases, many nonsensical questions have been left out in this talk show. Excluding these questions can lead to many problems after marriage. So there is no other way but to be careful.

Financial status- Money is needed to run a family. So first of all consider the aspect of making money. What you do, how much money you earn, you need to know this. Then calculate for yourself whether the family can survive on this income. If you think yes, then move on to marriage. And if you think there is a problem, do not say straight. You should have no hesitation in this regard.

Learn about the past- Understand, it’s hard to ask questions about the past in these few days! Yet you have to do this hard work. Because if you don’t know about man’s past, you won’t recognize him. Then another problem will be seen. So ask yourself this question in advance. And if you have something to say in your past, let it be known. If there is this transparency between the two, you will benefit in the future.

Housework- In this case, women must ask this question. Because most families still think that housewife will do the housework. And the boy will handle the outside work. But the stale idea is now obsolete. You may not like to do your homework or you may work in the office. In that case, if the in-laws ask you to do the housework, it will cause serious problems. So be careful. Ask this question in advance. Then decide the marriage according to the answer you get.

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Are you getting married? Of course, find out the answer to these 3 questions!