Are you unknowingly torturing your child? Be careful now

This time living desk: Parents use a variety of methods to educate and nurture their children during their upbringing. But unknowingly the parents use something that has a bad effect on the mental and psychological health of the child. While raising children, parents unknowingly continue to abuse their children. Negative behavior with a child is called emotional abuse. It affects the growth of children and also puts their mental health at risk.

What is the mental abuse of children?

In this case, the parents unknowingly hurt the children’s emotions and feelings. It damages the child’s values ​​and has a profound effect on their emotional development. Criticizing children, verbally threatening them, insulting them will slowly break down. This mental abuse can again be related to physical or sexual abuse. Sometimes a little bit of emotional abuse is not caught, but it has a profound effect on the child’s psyche.

How to find indications of child abuse

It has harmful and long-term effects on children who are victims of mental abuse. According to a report, millions of children around the world are showing signs of mental abuse. According to this report, it is very difficult to detect the symptoms of mental abuse in children. Children’s behavior can be used to determine if emotional abuse is affecting them. Be careful when there is a sudden change in the nature of children.

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Symptoms of mental abuse in children

1. Fear of hearing the name of parents.

2. Decreased quality of education.

3. Suffering from depression at an early age.

4. Talking bad about yourself.

5. Don’t play games or hang out with other kids.

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How do you understand if the parents are being mentally abused?

1. Lack of respect for children.

2. Talking harshly with children.

3. To threaten them in every word.

4. Lack of love for children.

5. To be indifferent to their needs.

. Speaking in inaudible language.

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Long-term effects of psychological abuse in children

It has a profound effect on children who are victims of mental abuse. After a long period of mental abuse, various problems occur in children. According to a study, children with mental illness suffer from mental health problems, lack of improvement and risk of serious diseases such as cancer. Tortured children can become addicted again due to depression.

When a parent or someone else is abusing a child, frightened children may not associate with anyone and may not be able to express their feelings to anyone. In such a situation, the sudden change in the child can be seen. Therefore, parents need to be more careful in raising their children. Due to financial, family and social situation, parents treat them like that. However, every parent should be aware that as a result, the mental health and development of the child is being severely affected.

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Are you unknowingly torturing your child? Be careful now