Beauty parlor closed! Bring skin to your home in this way!


  • Vitamin E makes skin smooth.
  • Almonds have great anti-aging ability.
  • Yogurt makhle cleans the face, removes dirt from the mouth.

This time living desk: Winter has fallen. The melody of joy in the air in the sky. However, in the meanwhile, our winter celebration has turned to dust due to the growth of Corona. Because Corona is unrestrained in West Bengal. The number of victims is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. So some restrictions have been brought quickly. In this case, the beauty parlor is closed. However, with the closure of the beauty parlor, there is no shortage of beauty treatments.

But it is not just about beauty, we should all take good care of our facial skin in winter. Because in winter the air becomes dry. This dry air takes away the moisture from the skin. As a result, the skin becomes dry along with the air. This dry skin causes various problems. The skin cracks, spots appear on the skin. So we have to overcome such problems. But now there is no worry. Not a beauty parlor. Solve the problem at home.

Almonds are checkered
Almonds contain vitamin E. This vitamin E makes the skin smooth. As well as nuts have great anti-aging ability. In other words, to prevent the impression of age, a pair of nuts is a fair weight. Almonds also work great to prevent fine lines on the top of the mouth. Almonds also work great for dry skin problems in winter. In this case almond face pack can be used. Take 1 teaspoon of almond powder. Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of raw milk with it. Make a good mixture again. Then apply the mixture well on the face. When dry, remove with cold water.

Coffee powder and coconut oil
Coconut oil is great for the skin. This oil can restore moisture to the skin and help to bring radiance to the skin. On the other hand, coffee powder is also very beneficial for the skin. This powder has the ability to remove dirt from the mouth. So coffee powder makes the skin look clean. In addition, coffee powder improves blood circulation to the skin. Therefore, experts are asking for coffee powder to keep the skin good. In this case mix one teaspoon of coffee powder with one teaspoon of coconut oil. Mix the two ingredients well in a bowl. Then apply the mixture on the face. After applying on the face, dry this mixture. When dry, gently massage this mixture on the face with a little water in hand. Massage for five minutes. After the massage, wash your face with cold water.


If you want to take care of the skin of the face, you can apply yoghurt on the face. Yogurt makhle cleans the face, removes dirt from the mouth. In this case mix 1 teaspoon yogurt with 2 teaspoons almond powder. Now apply the mixture well on the face. Then put the mixture in the mouth for 10 minutes. Then wash the mixture with cold water. You will see the skin looks bright.

You can’t take care of the skin just by rubbing some on the face. Instead, you need to keep a close eye on your eating habits. Because the skin comes back to life through food. In this case you have to eat a balanced diet. The leaves should have a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Eat seasonal fruits, vegetables. These foods will help keep your skin looking good.

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Beauty parlor closed! Bring skin to your home in this way!