Can mild symptoms of corona cause long-term problems? Learn

This time living desk: The corona virus does not allow us to live in peace in any way. This virus is constantly haunting us. Sometimes Delta, sometimes Delta Plus is the current Omicron … This virus is changing itself again and again and is becoming a cause of concern for people. In this case, the change in the virus is making him more contagious. More and more people are being infected with the disease. Look at the picture of our West Bengal. In these few days, the number of infections has exceeded 20,000! Imagine that!

Experts say that covid disease does not only push people to the brink of death. Besides, various other problems can occur in the body. One such problem is Long Covid. In this case, a lot of people affected by corona are suffering from this problem. Kovid has left an impression on their body. People are becoming preoccupied with fighting this long-standing problem. So be aware of such problems. Even treatment needs to start quickly. Image courtesy: Pixels

Long covid can also appear from mild symptoms?

Post Covid Symptoms 4 to 6 weeks after the corona infection is a sign of the presence of various corona symptoms or new problems in the body. In this case, the person in the book has recovered from Corona. The report is negative. But there are symptoms in the body. These patients are called Long Hoolers.

It was initially believed that only those who were severely affected by covid were long covid. In this case, a certain organ of the body is damaged. Symptoms of various diseases appear in the body.

However, at present most people have mild symptoms of covid infection. The patient is not having any problem. However, experts say that even mild symptoms can cause long covid. Image courtesy: Pixels

What is meant by mild symptoms?

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Mutations have occurred in viruses like Omicron. Because of these mutations, the virus spreads rapidly to other people. However, researchers have seen, in this case, mild symptoms are appearing. Doctors say mild symptoms of covid, such as a slight fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, etc. However, the expert doctors are of the opinion that such symptoms cannot be taken lightly in any way. Because there may be a big problem behind this little symptom. So they are advising to be careful. Image courtesy: Pixels

What do the experts say?

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Long covid can occur in any corona virus strain, said Anthony Fichi, a leading infectious disease specialist in the United States. There is no difference between Delta and Omicron. At least there is no evidence of this in research.

“We have to be careful about every person who has symptoms,” he said. Because 10 to 20 percent of these people will have long-term problems.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, coronary heart disease can occur in people with no symptoms. In this case, there may be different types of problems depending on the time. Image courtesy: Pixels

What are the problems?

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Your corona test report is negative. However, if fatigue, shortness of breath, sleep problems, etc. are seen in the body, then you must understand that you are infected with Long Covid. In some cases taste and smell do not come. But hopefully, not everyone is a long coward. In most cases the problem goes away within two weeks. Most people can even go back to work during this time. Image courtesy: Pixels

After recovery

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No matter what kind of symptoms you have, you need to be careful when you recover. In this case, take the medicine as advised by the doctor. Besides, food must be eaten properly. Eat nutritious food. In this case, eat more vegetables, fish, meat. Fruits should be eaten as well. The vitamins and minerals in the fruit will give you energy. You will recover quickly. However, do not start the exercise in a hurry without the advice of a doctor. This can increase the problem. Instead, meditate. And if the doctor says start exercising. You look good. Image courtesy: Pixels

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Can mild symptoms of corona cause long-term problems? Learn