Chronic diabetes? Maybe these problems!

This time living desk: (Diabetes) The number of patients is increasing every day. Every day people from different parts of the country are getting infected with this disease anew. In this case, the experts say that the mistakes and eating habits of our life are causing this disease. However, you know where the problem is, even after the onset of this disease, many do not get the treatment of the disease properly. Do not control blood sugar. In that case various problems occur.

If the body cannot use sugar or glucose properly, excess sugar accumulates in the blood. This condition is called diabetes. There are two main types of diabetes – type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. In this case insulin hormone is not produced in the body. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes is a disease of old age. In this case the body does not make enough insulin or the effectiveness of insulin is reduced. This second type of problem affects a large number of people.

These problems can occur if you have diabetes.

Hypoglycemia- After taking several medications or insulin injections, the sugar level in the body may drop suddenly. In this case, dizziness, trembling of hands and feet, and loss of consciousness may occur. So you have to save yourself from this problem from the very beginning. If any such problem occurs at any time, immediately eat sugar, chocolate lozenge. You will see that the problem has decreased a lot.

Hyperglycemia- Hyperglycemia is the increase in blood sugar. In this case, if not controlled for a long time, sugar can increase a lot. Problems such as shaking hands and feet, frequent urination, feeling weak and even dizziness may occur. In this case, hyperglycemia should be treated as advised by the doctor.

Diabetic ketoacidosis- This condition can lead to death in people with diabetes. In this case, due to uncontrolled blood sugar, the body begins to break down fat at a rapid rate. Due to this the amount of insulin in the body is very low. As a result, the body begins to melt fat to find energy sources. This huge amount of fat melts because the blood becomes acidic. To solve this problem, the body produces more urine. Symptoms include shortness of breath, dry mouth, and vomiting. This problem needs immediate treatment.

Hypersmolar hyperglycemia- This problem is very rare. In this case, this problem occurs in older people, if there is any other infection. In this case, symptoms like loss of vision, surprise, weakness on one side of the body etc. are seen. This type of problem needs immediate treatment.

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Chronic diabetes? Maybe these problems!