Coconut oil from aloe vera, a home remedy for rashes on children’s skin

This time living desk: Children’s skin is very soft and sensitive. So soon their skin problems started to appear. Children’s arms, neck, back and legs can easily get sweaty rash. On the other hand, problems like dry skin and itching persist in winter. Ayurveda mentions some ingredients that can relieve children from this rash, as well as keep their skin healthy and radiant.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera can relieve rough-dry skin, rashes and itching. Aloe vera gel helps to reduce swelling. Aloe vera gel solves many common skin problems of children.


It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Neem helps to eliminate multiple skin problems. In case of rashes or itching on the skin of children, apply neem leaves on the affected area. You can also take a bath with boiled water with neem leaves every day.

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Lavender can fight against many harmful bacteria in the skin. Its fragrance soothes the baby’s body and brain. This flower is also helpful for good sleep.


Its nature is cold. For this reason, if you irritate the skin, you can apply mulathi. Swelling, redness of the skin is less mulathi. This herb helps to keep children’s skin healthy.

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Sweating and rash are common. This problem is most common in children. Calamine lotion helps to reduce dryness, itching and rashes on the skin.


It is a kind of anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory herb. Children’s skin itching can be reduced by using calendula oil. This herb prevents bacterial infections in the skin of children.

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If the baby has skin problems, you can bathe them in oatmeal. As a result, children’s skin can be nourished. You can give oatmeal oil in the bath water. You can put oats on the baby’s body before bathing again. Then take a bath with clean water. Also, mix oatmeal in lukewarm water and pour it in baby’s bath water. After that you can bathe the baby with that water.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains vitamin E and anti-microbial properties. These ingredients help to keep the body of children free from rash. Multiple skin problems of children can be eliminated by massaging with coconut oil.

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Children’s skin rash

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Coconut oil from aloe vera, a home remedy for rashes on children’s skin