Colds protected by colds!

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What is the key to the common cold-cough hidden in the corona? A recent study has raised that question in the international arena. The study, conducted at Imperial College London, was led by a Bangatanaya.

Three waves came. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Again, not everyone is infected when they come in contact with a corona patient. And that applies to Delta or Omicron.

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Why is that? The possible answer was found in this research paper published in the journal ‘Nature Communications’. The gist of the common coronavirus infection, caused by a common coronavirus infection, is that it produces some T-cells in the body that prevent the covid from approaching. Researchers believe that this study also paves the way for the development of infallible vaccines in the coming days, as it is clear how these T-cells work.

Riya Kundu, the project’s lead researcher at the National Institute of Health Research in the Department of Respiratory Infections at Imperial College, told The Times that the purpose of the study was to show that not everyone who came in contact with Corona became infected. In his words, “We have seen that people who already have the common cold and have been infected with the common human coronavirus more than once in the past have stored T-cells in their bodies that prevent the novel coronavirus from entering.” It is because of this protection that they survive Kovid most of the time. ‘

Professor Ajit Lalbani, one of the members of the research team and the head of the institute, has shed light on the brightest aspect of this research which started from September 2020. “These T-cells do not attack the spike proteins in the outer shell of the virus, but rather in the shell of the virus,” he said. Since mutations in the nucleus are rarer than spike proteins, vaccines made in this way can provide permanent protection.

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The Bengali medical community also thinks that this is the biggest achievement. According to virology expert Siddharth Joardar, the study found that people who have had colds since childhood are much safer in Kovid. This is because the cross-reactive T-cell plays the role of savior in this case. Medicine expert Divyendu Mukherjee said, “Those who have common colds, even those who have been vaccinated against influenza, get some extra protection from covid.” However, this vaccine is never a substitute for the corona vaccine.

Lung disease specialist Anirban Biswas, however, says that measles is caused by many viruses. In his words, the common cold is caused by adenovirus, rhinovirus, influenza virus, para-influenza virus as well as human coronavirus of alpha and beta species. Of these, those infected with the coronavirus are the ones who get extra protection for Kovid. This virus matches here too. Siddhartha said that those who suffer from colds from a young age have been infected with alpha or beta coronavirus more than once. So in Kovid they are in a convenient position.

Cold memory cells

* What is the common viral cold?

Adenovirus, rhinovirus, RSV, influenza virus, para-influenza virus and alpha and beta human coronavirus

* What is T-cell?

Just as immune cells come to the body to fight off the onslaught of external enemies such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites, two types of memory-lymphocyte cells are engaged in ensuring future protection by recognizing the enemy. T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes. T-lymphocyte memory cells are essentially blood cells. However, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, intestines are also present

* What is the role of T-cell of cold in Kovid?

Although there is a big difference between the spike proteins of the common coronavirus and the novel coronavirus, the inside of the cell is almost identical. Therefore, when a cold is caused by a common coronavirus, the T-cell novelty that grows in the body easily recognizes and resists the coronavirus.

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Colds protected by colds!