Corona virus can stay in the body for a long time! Exciting claims in research


  • Due to the presence of Kovid, many people have been suffering from this disease for a long time even after recovering from it.
  • This phenomenon is called Long Covid Safarar.
  • Corona could show new direction in research.

This time living desk: Don’t (Corona) There is no end to our problems. This is a difficult easy, so the next problem is standing on the veranda! It is now known that the corona virus reaches the lungs, the brain, the heart and almost all other parts of the body in just a few days. And not just reaching out, these organs are covid (Covid 19) Has been living happily in peace for a long time.

The medical scientists in this study claim that this study is the most advanced study done on the time when the covid was present in the body. According to the US National Institutes of Health, the virus has been shown to increase the number of cells in other parts of the body, not just the respiratory tract.

The supplement to the study has just been published. In a world-renowned Nature publication, this research paper is under consideration before publication. In this case, the study says, due to the presence of covid in the body for so long, many people are suffering for a long time after recovering from this disease. This condition is called Long Covid Safarar or Long Covid Problems.

Ziad al-Ali was in charge of the study, which looked at the long-term presence of covid in the body. He is the head of clinical epidemiology at the Miss Louis Veterans Affairs St. Louis Healthcare System. According to him, the information obtained in this study could show a new direction in the field of Corona research. We’ve been wanting to know for a long time why people with chronic Kovid have problems with different parts of their body! This research will show the direction in this case.

We have already learned that the corona virus can reproduce in cells other than the respiratory tract. In this case, all the information was known in more detail through this study.
The study performed autopsies on 44 people who died of coronary heart disease. The research is based on this autopsy report. The research team found evidence that the virus also increased its numbers outside the respiratory tract. In this case, the virus is found in other parts of the body, starting from the brain. And the biggest thing is that the virus is found in the body about 230 days after the symptoms appear. Studies have shown that symptoms appear in the brain of a person who died a month ago.

“Through this study, we can also look at the neuropsychiatric problems of Kovid,” Al Ali said.

So medical scientists are again warning about Kovid. In their words, Corona should not be forgotten. Instead, we need to keep this virus in mind on a daily basis. Because we may not understand exactly what is causing the virus inside the body! So there is no way but to be careful. To be careful in this case, wear a mask, sanitize your hands regularly, and wash your hands. And of course keep the physical distance. Avoid the crowds. In particular, if you have older people or comabredity, be sure to be more careful. But you will be good yourself, society will be good.

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Corona virus can stay in the body for a long time! Exciting claims in research