Coronation has increased alcoholism, death may increase! Research is careful!


  • Alcoholism has increased by about 21 percent in the extreme.
  • 3 million people die every year due to alcoholism.
  • Alcohol has become a leading cause of death at an early age.

This time living desk: This is life! Really so. That is why people are running to enjoy everything in one life. And drinking alcohol is at the forefront of the list of enjoyments of life. Addicts think that siping a glass of alcohol removes all sorrows, new thoughts come to mind, loneliness is removed, and good sleep is eliminated.

However, experts do not want to pay attention to any word of alcohol addicts. Because research says that drinking alcohol makes the body worse. Various kinds of problems are suppressed. Problems occur on various parts of the body including heart, liver, stomach. That’s why experts say to give up the habit of drinking.

But despite such warnings, people do not bother to listen. So the rate of drinking has increased a lot during Corona. According to research, alcohol consumption has increased by about 21 percent in the extreme. More than 7,000 people died of alcohol-related problems last year than every year. According to the study, the incidence of liver failure and cancer will increase by 16,600 by 2040 due to alcohol consumption.

The study was conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital in Harvard. They estimate that if this continues, more than 100 people will die of alcoholism in that country next year. Even 2600 people will have liver cancer.

According to the World Health Organization, 3 million people die each year from alcoholism. In this case, alcohol has become the cause of death at an early age. That is why experts are asking for quitting alcohol.

How to get rid of alcohol?

Selfishness is the main tool in getting rid of alcohol. So first of all you have to understand yourself. Also follow these methods-
1. Explain yourself. Read about the bad aspects of drinking again and again. Put those words in yourself.
2. Take alcohol away from your home.
3. Avoid drinking hangouts. Stay with such friends for a few days.
4. When it comes to drinking, think about your family and your health.
. Reward yourself if you can quit drinking. This reward will help you quit drinking.
5. Consult a physician if you have difficulty quitting alcohol. He will show you the way to get rid of this deadly drug.

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Coronation has increased alcoholism, death may increase! Research is careful!