Decorate the house in the new year with a new theme!

This time the digital desk: I am of color, you are of color, you know by color. No. Not written by any poet. I made it up and wrote it. In fact, the color thing is such an important thing in our lives that without it we would all be colorless. Without color, nature is simple. Cosmetics, food, chess, clothes may not be the focus of anything. No time wasted on collecting things of the desired color. There would be no problem if the cooking color is not beautiful. There was no feeling of ‘aha ki dekhilam …’ with sunrise and sunset. The color of the sky was blue, the color of the tree was green, the color was black eyes, the red benarasi sari, the yellow sunflower flower, the reddish tan flesh, the orange carrot pudding, the light purple ice cream all seemed trivial. Anyone who thinks about the foreign world will be shocked. There is no need to think about all these ugly things. Let’s talk about work. The color of a person’s choice reflects his personality. Can tell his tastes, preferences and even various aspects of his character. The same is true of the color of the mind. According to psychologists, the effect of color on the human mind is one of a kind. That is why no dark color is ever used in such a hospital. It is heard that the red light is put in the eyes of the criminals to tell the truth. Because this color creates excitement in the human mind. The color of choice is used on the walls of the house to keep the mind good. But did you know that using a few colors can not only keep a good mind but also maintain a positive vibe, youth and freshness at home. If there is a touch of those colors on the walls or furniture of the house, always keep the touch of happiness in the family.

The walls of the house are painted in light colors. In that case the yellow color is a little darker. But what if, yellow is the number one color to keep the house fresh. Experts say that if there is a touch of yellow on the walls or furniture of the house, there is a positive atmosphere throughout the house. Makes the look of the house elegant. If the part of the house where there is an excess of yellow color, the mind is also good. Not only this, with the help of yellow color in the walls there are various shades of yellow, furniture, decorative items and flowers.

Pastel Orange

Orange after yellow. However, it is not the usual dark purple, it is pastel orange. Meaning very light soft colored orange. Having walls of this color makes the room look much bigger and wider. Brings aristocratic philosophy to the look of the house. Makes residents feel positive. And even if a wall can be painted in this color instead of the whole house, the result is the same. Furniture of any color goes well with pastel orange walls. However, light colored furniture is better. If one of the walls of the house is painted pastel orange then the rest of the walls should be used light colors. I like the combination of white or off white with pastel orange.

Pistachio Green
A little lighter green than pasta nuts also keeps the indoor weather fresh and positive. This color is so elegant that its nobility increases when it is applied to ordinary walls. Whether the house is small or big, this color can be painted on any wall with ease. You also need light or dark colored curtains and furniture. If you want, you can decorate the whole house with Pistachio Green theme. The mind will be better. The eyes will relax. People of any age will love the color.

Celeste. Although the name is unknown, the color is familiar to everyone. This color has been used for many years, especially in Bengali homes. This is a light blue color. Everyone from eight to eighty likes this color very much. This color is perfect for hand comfort. And the most interesting thing is that this color can be adapted to any home decor. Celestial color of the walls keeps the mind fresh as the house looks big and spacious. With this color on the walls of the house, all the positive aspects like joy, happiness, freedom, inspiration, courage should be aroused.

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Decorate the house in the new year with a new theme!