Decreased love after marriage? Get fresh in this way!


  • After the marriage, the magic began to fade.
  • It is very important to say love.
  • Gift giving habit stopped after marriage!

This time living desk: Indra and Zinnia have been identical since college life. Everyone has come up with an example from college about their love. As a human being, the pair of two match fair weight. Then that love crossed the college, crossed the boundaries of the university. Match job. Both are working. In such a situation, the two accepted the relationship at home. Then, if everyone agrees to get married in the middle of the corona. The result was long-term love. The marriage continued happily. But then a problem began to appear in that love. Now there is no such intoxication in love. There seems to be a misunderstanding between the two. But not just Indra-Zinnia. Many have fallen into this problem. Many married people complain that the magic that exists before the marriage (Relationship) begins to extinguish after the marriage. Although the relationship is not bad, it seems to take a conventional form. However, it would not be right to move forward in life in this way. If there is such a lack of love between them, this problem can go far. So be careful. In this case, these few tips will make your relationship stronger –

Say love

In many cases, after marriage, many people have stopped saying ‘love’ to their partner. They may feel that there is no need to express love in this way. Because that has been said through marriage. But you are wrong, Mister. It is very important to say love. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. So call the man you love and tell him – I love you. You will see that many problems have been solved.

Surprise gift

This is what you gave as a gift when you made love before. And after marriage, he stopped the habit of giving gifts! The effect this has on your changing habits. So give your partner the same gift as before. Surprise him with a gift. You will see that he is fine. The warmth is back on you too.

Go see the movie

While making love, Chutiye went out to the cinema hall. Read on if you still have time. You can say, there is Corona. This is true. But still I will say, go to see the movie if time allows. Old memories will come back.

Give your partner time
There was work pressure before. Even then, it was too late to return from office. Even then he would make time for himself. But where is the problem now? So still give yourself time. You will see that the problem has been solved a lot. You are well

Go for a walk
Leave it to Corona. But even then there is a lot of time. Use that time. Go for a walk. You will see that the warmth has returned to you.

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Decreased love after marriage? Get fresh in this way!