Do you work continuously? Big danger waiting!


  • This practice is pushing people towards big problems.
  • Sitting continuously puts pressure on the neck and spine.
  • People who sit down have higher blood pressure.

This time the living desk: Now dynamic life. But even in that momentum, we just sit there. Our little brain. Yes, we are happy to use the brain. There is no movement. Prolonged Sitting). This is going on day after day. Getting up in the morning and going to the office and then sitting at the computer all day long. Then go through the day and go to bed at night. The same problem has started in Work From Home again! However, experts do not like the fact that they have been sitting for so long. According to them, this practice is pushing people towards big problems. But people do not understand the problem. And the danger is coming from that habit.

What could be the problem?
Problems with sitting for long periods of time can be-

Osteoarthritis – Sitting in the same place all the time (Sitting Too Long). But did you know that this habit can cause damage to various joints in your body? In particular, there are more problems with the bones of the legs and hips. First of all, sitting still puts pressure on the neck and spine. In fact, if you sit continuously, the weight of the whole body falls on the spine. The spine at this point in time bears this load. Neck suffers from the same problem. Besides, if you sit, the bones of the legs do not work. This problem can also occur in the joints of the feet. So be careful.

Increases blood pressure, cholesterol- Studies have shown that people who spend most of the day sitting have high blood pressure. Cholesterol has also been shown to increase in these people.

Increases the risk of diabetes- If you sit for a long time, your tendency to get diabetes also increases a lot in one go. So be careful.

Weight gain- It has been found that people who sit for a long time tend to eat more. Meanwhile, these people do less physical work. As a result, weight gain is very normal.

Effects on the brain- Sitting and working for a long time means that the work of the head is going fast. However, if the day continues like this, you must have time to worry. Because if it continues like this for a long time, it also has a bad effect on your brain. So be careful.

If you want to avoid problems

1. Do not sit still. Get up every now and then. Take a walk if you can.
2. Start exercising while sitting. You can do it by stretching the legs.
3. If you want to work sitting down, exercise whenever you have time during the day.
4. Use the stairs instead of the elevator in the office.
5. If there is any problem, you must consult a doctor. He can help you.

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Do you work continuously? Big danger waiting!