Follow these tips to have a happy marriage after retirement!


  • No one will be able to find time for you all day long.
  • No big decision should be made hastily.
  • Fulfill that wish today.

This time living desk: Settle on the job after finishing your studies. Then began a busy life. Going at the appointed time in the morning, returning at night. This is how life goes on. Marriage is in the midst of such busyness of work. Whether the wedding holiday is over or not is the same routine again. That’s the same thing. Children after marriage. Then the child’s education, job … you couldn’t spend time on anything. Just worked. Someone else took care of the house. In most cases your wife. This time your age has gradually reached the limit of 70. Now it’s time to retire. The vacation for which you used to sit in Hanya, is eternal Retirement Now in the palm of your hand. You are initially very happy.

But did you know that after retirement (Retirement) you can use a lot of change? In this case, you will start to pay attention to the issues that you have not paid attention to before. Your spouse or other family members may not be able to accept your attention. Then there may be marital strife. And to be honest, this kind of trouble always happens after retirement. So keep these things in mind to find a happy marriage after retirement.

Your wife will not be able to give you time all day

You have just retired. Can’t find any work in this eternal leisure. But remember, no one will be able to find time for you all day at this time. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In this case everyone at home except you has their own work to do in advance. Your wife will be busy at this time as well as her whole life. So don’t go looking for him all day.

Hut is not a big decision

Remember, no big decision should be made hastily. Because life after retirement can be full of conflicts in your mind. Because of that problem, you may feel that it is better to make a hasty decision. To make big decisions, to transfer property in someone’s name, to break up savings, etc. Talk to your wife before making such a decision.

Fulfill your old desires
Has worked a lot of time in life. Because of that job many wishes were not fulfilled. But today there is a lot of time at hand. Fulfill that wish today. So start your own hobby again. Read books, listen to music, draw pictures … do whatever you like. You will see that time is passing fast. The companionship of others is not so much needed.

Learn something new
Maybe you wanted to learn to sing or play the guitar, tabla, or even learn a new language. Under the pressure of work, that desire was suppressed. Today it’s time to dump her and move on. Start learning the things you want to do. Mind, body will all be fine. The marriage will be pleasant.

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Follow these tips to have a happy marriage after retirement!