Hair fall, eliminate the problem of white hair in an instant! Learn the home way


  • It is very normal to lose 50-60 hairs a day.
  • Hair will grow after one age. Hair color will be white.
  • There are many reasons behind such problems.

This time living desk: We all have the hope of long, thick, black hair. When these three adjectives of hair are together, you feel like a celebrity. You can then decorate yourself with different types of hair styles. And the attraction of the people in front can be won.

However, the calculation of power in our life does not always match. This is also true of hair. In this case, many people’s hair suddenly begins to fall out (Hair Fall), the hair becomes white (White Hair). Due to these two problems, sleepless nights go by. Do not want to read the eyelids. It seems that someone is in great danger. Many people lose faith in themselves after such problems. So we want to solve such problems in an emergency.

Experts say that it is very normal to lose 50-60 hairs a day. But if you start to lose more hair than that, you have to be careful.

In case of whitening of hair, their statement is that after a certain age, the hair will turn gray. Hair color will be white. This is a very normal thing. But if the hair is ripe in the middle 30 years or more, but action needs to be taken.

The reason behind this

There are many reasons behind this type of problem-
1. Problems of lineage.
2. Not eating well.
3. Sleep deprivation.
4. Extra anxiety.
5. Not taking care of hair.

What to do?
No worries. Here are some home remedies to solve the problem.

Curry leaves and neem leaves

You can use neem leaf powder and curry leaf powder to make this hair pack. Then use this method-
1. First take some neem leaves.
2. Then dry the leaves in the sun.
3. Make a powder of sun dried leaves.
4. Make curry leaf powder in the same way.
5. Now take 2-3 teaspoons of neem and curry leaf powder in a bowl.
. Then pour a little water into the pot. Make a paste.
. Then apply the paste on the scalp. Massage lightly.
. Once smeared, let it dry for 1 hour.
9. Shampoo after an hour.
Use this hair pack twice in 10 weeks.

This hair pack can solve various hair problems. Even hair loss and graying will be eliminated. So start using this hair pack from today.

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Hair fall, eliminate the problem of white hair in an instant! Learn the home way