Hair is falling out after corona? Manage this way


  • The problem of hair loss after recovery from covid is called telogen effuium.
  • When hair starts to fall out, it hurts people a lot.
  • If you can keep the iron level right, the problem of hair loss will be reduced.

This time living desk: Corona has started growing again all over the country. The same is true of our state. The number of victims is getting around 20 thousand every day. The infection rate is also above 30 percent. In this situation, everyone is very worried. In particular, a group of experts say that this situation needs to change now. Otherwise the situation may get out of hand.

The good news, however, is that so far only mild symptoms have appeared on the bodies of those affected by the disease. Going to recover quickly from the disease. However, after recovering from the corona of many people (Post Covid) various symptoms are appearing in the body. One such symptom is hair loss after recovery from corona.

Experts say that hair loss is a big problem. In particular, if hair loss starts at an early age, it should not only be seen as a physical problem, but also as a mental problem. Because when hair starts to fall out, it hurts people a lot. He may be scared of this problem. Again, some people fall victim to depression. So this disease needs treatment first.

Why does the hair fall out?
Experts say that the problem of hair loss after recovering from covid is called telogen effuvium. In this case, the hair begins to fall out after 15 days or a month after recovery from the disease. In this case, many people have bunches of hair. The hair follicles begin to loosen.

Research says that during corona we go through various mental anxieties. This anxiety has a direct adverse effect on the hair. So the hair goes up.

How will this problem be solved?
Experts say that keeping the iron level in the body can reduce the problem of hair loss. In this case, if iron is present in the body, red blood cells are formed. In addition, if the iron can reach the body well, your hair is nourished. Hair loss problems are also reduced. So eat foods rich in iron such as spinach or other vegetables.

Also eating habits should be nutritious. You eat a balanced diet. Then the whole body as well as the hair will return. Also follow this procedure.
1. Eat mango powder mixed with ghee every day before lunch.
2. Eat less salty and spicy foods.
3. Stay away from alcohol.
4. Exercise regularly.

I hope this diet will solve your problem. However, if you still have problems, consult a specialist.

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Hair is falling out after corona? Manage this way