How accurate is the Corona test done at home? Definitely know


  • Rapid test results very quickly.
  • Rapid tests identify the protein of the virus strain.
  • Numna is taken from the nose and mouth.

This time the living desk: The corona is a curse to human life. This disease is challenging people day after day. But people are not the losers. Efforts are being made to prevent this disease in various ways. Scientists are constantly engaged in that work. New discoveries are being heard every day.

Kovid’s growing

It was going quite well. I overcame the second wave of corona and breathed a sigh of relief. But then came Omicron. We are in a state of shock due to this virus. Now the number of victims is increasing by leaps and bounds. Thousands of infections are increasing every day. And that’s what experts think. The Kovid rule has already been implemented in our state. Doctors are also warning people in various ways. However, there is still no difference in the number of Kovid’s infected growths.

Covid test

Doctors say that in this time of increasing corona, more people should be tested (Corona Test) to isolate positive patients. Only then can this disease be brought to the bug.

In the case of corona, RT PCR test and Rapid antigen test are the main tests. These two tests are being done in different health centers. But now there is no need to go to the health center. In this case Corona test kit has arrived. By buying that test kit, you can test it at home. However, the question is, how accurate is this test kit!

RT PCR and Rapid Test

Both of these tests can detect the corona virus. In this case PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) method takes much longer to know the results. Meanwhile, the rapid test or home-made rapid test results very quickly.

Rapid tests identify the protein of the virus strain. On the other hand, tests are done at molecular level through PCR. In this case the RNA of the virus is identified.

These two tests are done in the same way. In both cases there is a complete digestive tract.

How accurate are the rapid test results?
In this regard, Dr. Rudrajit Pal, eminent medicine specialist of Amri Hospital, says that Rapid test is very effective. In this case Rapid test can be done at home. No problem. In that case you have to buy Rapid test kit from a better company. Results are available very quickly in this Rapid Test Kit. There are also benefits to treatment.
He added that many times the date for PCR test is not available. Rapid tests can be a great option in all these cases. You buy this test kit. Take samples yourself. Then find out the answer in a while. No problem. In this case you can quickly isolate yourself. Treatment also started early. So a lot of people are doing this test now.

However, he warned that there are some rules for doing rapid tests. If you do not follow that rule but this test report will not give accurate information. So be careful.

There are symptoms but the result is negative!

Dr. Paul said that there could be many times. In that case the rule is if the rapid test is positive then positive. But if it is negative even after having symptoms, then it is necessary to prove negative by PCR. This is the only way to eliminate any misconceptions.

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How accurate is the Corona test done at home? Definitely know