How to do Corona Rapid Test yourself at home? Learn


  • Rapid test can be done at home if you have cold or cough.
  • In most cases this test gives the correct result.
  • Buy a Rapid Test Kit from a drugstore or online pharmacy.

This time living desk: The Corona situation is getting worse every day across the country. The same is true of our state. Here, too, the number of upward corona infections. And a group of experts is quite worried about such statistics. In this case, to make the situation normal, they are giving the verdict to test more people (Corona Test).

Now almost every house has fever, cold, cough. In this case, many people are not testing the corona PCR (RT PCR) despite this problem. And as a result of not getting this PCR test, the disease is not being caught. These people are roaming the streets with problems. The disease is spreading.

However, do not do PCR test for cold, cough, Rapid test (Rapid Antigen Test) can be done at home. At least if you can recover from that test, many problems will be solved. Then take the doctor’s advice.

The Indian Council of Medical Research has approved the use of 12 Rapid Antigen Test Kits (Corona Self Rapid Antigen Test). This kit is also available to buy in the market. By purchasing this kit you can easily do Corona test at home.

How accurate is this test?
In most cases, experts say that this test gives the correct result. In this case, after knowing the results of this test, it would be wise to take expert advice, they said. He will decide whether to do RT PCR test next time.

How to use this test kit?
1. Buy a Rapid Test Kit from a drugstore or online pharmacy.
2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before testing. If possible, sanitize by hand.
3. Then open the Rapid Test Kit packet in a clean place.
4. The test must be done within 30 minutes of opening the packet.
5. Then slowly open the mouth of the liquid tube.
. Now remove the small bar used for sampling from the packet.
. There is cotton near the mouth of that bar. Don’t hold that place.
. Now insert the cotton side of the bar into the nose. Insert 2 to 4 cm inside.
9. Both the noses have to insert this bar one by one.
10. Rotate the bar 5 times with each nostril inserted.
11. Then take out the bar and insert it into the liquid filling tube.
12. Then remove the salt from the tube as needed in the test kit.
13. A few spots will appear in a special place of the test kit. Through it you will know whether you are positive or negative.
13. There are also apps for these test kits. You can also get the necessary information from that app.
14. Besides, all the procedures will be written in the packet. So if you want, you can do the test at home.

However, this method may change slightly depending on the organization. So before doing the test, read the method written on the packet well.

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How to do Corona Rapid Test yourself at home? Learn