I am on this shore and you are on that shore! This strategy will last a long distance relationship in the corona


  • Many people in long distance relationships are breaking up during coronation.
  • Everyone has to go ahead with the mistake.
  • The solution to the problem is in your hands.

This time living desk: Shubham and Zinnia first met in college. Then friendship. Once upon a time that friendship was built on love. Then beyond college to university. The two together. Love is gone. However, after passing the university, it was his turn to get a job. Shubham got a job and went to Sagarpara. Meanwhile, Zinnia fell. His job is in Calcutta. Even then there was no problem. Shubham said they would come to Kolkata in December 2021 and spend time together. Tickets were also cut like that. However, Covid’s new strain Omicron is one of them. The business is all ruined. Restrictions have been imposed in the country where Shubham is now. As a result, it is coming now. And this has affected them. Shubham and Zinnia are both upset. About this long distance (Long Distance Relationship) They are skeptical.

But Shubham, Zinnia is not the only one. Many couples suffer from the same problem. In this case, let alone foreign affairs during Corona, there was a problem in traveling from one state to another. As a result, many people are now suffering from complications with long distance relationships.

In this case, the love started to decrease as they did not see each other for a long time. Once it goes away from the brain. So many people in long distance relationships are doing breakups during coronation. However, breaking up in this way is not the solution to any problem. In that case, if you want to maintain the relationship, you have to follow these few rules.

Think once
Think of the man who is far away from you, who has left his own city. He is far away from everything. He is also having problems. So think about your relationship (Relationship Tips). Talk a little. You will see that everything is fine.

Do not sit down to catch each other’s mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes. And everyone has to go ahead with that mistake. In this case, do not start blaming each other right now on the phone or video call. If you can only do this, you will see that the problem has decreased a lot.

Talk about your old love
Understood the difficulty. But the solution to that problem is in your hands. If you want to solve the problem in this case, think of the first time of your love. Once you start thinking about those happy days in yourself. You will see that the problem is going away a lot. You have started to be good again.

Be patient

It is not easy to accept the rate. Be patient Give yourself more time. There is no need to break up right now. Instead, they will make a decision after meeting together. Until then, have a little patience. Keep trying to make the relationship as good as possible.

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I am on this shore and you are on that shore! This strategy will last a long distance relationship in the corona