Increased shortness of breath in winter? Ramdev is showing the way to liberation


  • Asthma is a respiratory problem.
  • In this case the respiratory tract becomes smaller.
  • Asthma patients should not be so afraid of the cold.

This time living desk: It has been a long time since winter. Most people enjoy the cold winter air. But not everyone will have the same attitude. Many people do not like winter. The list of people who do not like this winter must include the name of the patient suffering from shortness of breath. These people have problems during the winter. So these people are quite scared on winter days.

Asthma What?
Asthma is a respiratory problem. In this case, the airways become smaller. Inflammation is also seen in the small to small ducts of the respiratory tract. The combination of these two factors makes it difficult to breathe (Breathing Problem). Cough in the chest. As well as sounding like a flute while breathing. In most cases there is a cough. Persistent cough may also occur.

Why does shortness of breath increase in winter?
During winter, the weather becomes cold. This cold weather is becoming the ideal time to expand one’s empire for many diseases. Because during this time different germs activate themselves. Besides, dust, sand, flower pollen etc. increase in the air. Each of these things can create allergies. This allergy can lead to shortness of breath. So the problem of shortness of breath increases in winter.

Baba Ramdev’s tips
Baba Ramdev (Baba Ramdev) In words, asthma patients should not be so afraid of the cold. Instead, be careful not to be afraid. In that case you can stay healthy with these exercises. You will get the result in hand-

Jogging Jogging can be done by any human being. In this case jogging can be very effective in dealing with the problem of asthma. Jogging increases the oxygen holding capacity of the lungs, keeps the lungs healthy, strengthens the leg muscles, keeps the whole body healthy, enhances immunity and so on.

Hello sun Everyone who is familiar with exercise knows about sun salutation. Greeting the sun in the morning as advised by an expert increases the capacity of the lungs, more oxygen enters the body, increases immunity, improves digestion, increases energy and so on.

Bhujangasana- Regular exercise increases lung function faster. This exercise is also very effective in increasing the strength of the spine and strengthening the neck.

Sagittarius- This exercise should be done as per the advice of a yoga expert. In this case, archery is very effective in increasing the capacity of the lungs, preventing respiratory problems, and eliminating the problem of asthma. So this exercise may be on your list of favorites.

Pranayama- Pranayama can also be a cure for shortness of breath. In this case, Vastrika, Kapalbhati, Bhramari, Ujjayi, Anulom-Bilom can be your tool.

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Increased shortness of breath in winter? Ramdev is showing the way to liberation