Is reading all day good for the brain? Learn


  • The study was conducted at the University of Zurich.
  • Research has been done for 6 years to reach a conclusion.
  • Brain function does not decrease much with age.

This time living desk: Then maybe the baby just learned to walk. Saying a few words out loud. This achievement brought a big blow to his life. His parents started teaching him. A, A, A, B, C, D are being swallowed by all the children. This is how the first lesson of life begins. Then this lesson goes from school, college, university to getting a job. However, not everyone is going to be a Heavy Reader, some people like me are also cheaters. However, it will not work if we move away from today’s context. In this case, today we will know, what kind of effect does Academic Reading have on our brain! In this case, the University of Zurich has done a long-term research on this. Let’s find out about that study.


The study was published in the journal Neuroimage. The study is entitled ‘Associations of Subclinical Cerebral Small Vessel Diseases and Processing Speed ​​in Non-Demanded Subjects: A Seven Year Study’. Simply put, reading helps keep the brain healthy by preventing age-related brain problems. Research has been done for 6 years to reach this conclusion. The study included neuroanatomical and neuropsychological tests performed on more than 200 elderly people.

The lead author of the study, Isabel Hotz, spoke about the benefits of being in Heavy Reading, saying that people involved in academic studies can analyze data very quickly and accurately. They can also do word matching or number pattern analysis much faster. In this case, the function of the brain does not decrease much with age.

Usually in old age people’s memory tends to be weak. In this case, people start forgetting. Many things, many things can not be done then. However, the risk of such problems is much less if the study continues. However, in that case it is necessary to see if the patient has any major disease.

Another author of the study, Lutz Jank, said that the cognitive network of the brain is greatly enhanced by the habit of reading too much. People with this good side benefit in old age.

So if you want to be good in old age, you must start reading books from today. You will see that the memory is good.

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Is reading all day good for the brain? Learn