New Year: Don’t tell a New Year’s party if you have these symptoms!

This time living desk: Surprising to think, a few days ago we came across the second wave of Kovid. People in Qatar have been affected by this second wave of Corona. The condition of the hospitals was the same! The doctors were busy all day long. Even then the health service collapsed. There was no bed. How many patients have not been admitted to the hospital. But we have passed that time today. The second wave is now past. But there is no sign of Corona leaving us behind. So the problem is appearing again before the end of the year. Infection is on the rise again. People are being infected with this disease again. The number of corona cases is increasing day by day. And the doctors are worried about this. According to them, if the number of patients continues to increase, bad days are waiting for us again in the next few days. So be careful from today. In particular, ordinary people need to be more vigilant. Only then can you get rid of this disease at least a little bit. Image courtesy: Pixels

The name of the danger is Omicron

This is about November. Omicron was heard earlier this month. The virus was first reported in faraway South Africa. However, scientists have been trying to get rid of this virus from the very beginning. Because medical scientists have seen that large mutations have occurred in the spike protein of this virus. In other words, there has been a big change in the spike protein of the virus. As a result, the Omicron strain has become much more contagious than before. So according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus is a cause for concern. And the whole world has started preparing for war with this virus. The virus has already spread to many countries. So every country is very careful. Many countries have shut down flights to prevent the virus from spreading. Photo courtesy: Pixabay

Omicron in India

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Although it was first seen in far-flung South Africa, the virus has already appeared in India. Even in our state there are now patients with omicron. And this is what the country’s experts are thinking. Because they know that once the virus starts to show its game, it is no longer safe. Then again people in Qatar will be infected with this disease. Corona waves may reappear. Then there will be a lack of beds in the hospital again. Therefore, the administration of the country is quite aware from the very beginning of the Omicron panic. Many measures have been taken like that. Now every person coming to India from abroad is being tested. Genomic sequencing is performed immediately if any corona-infected person shows signs of omicron. Photo courtesy: Pixabay

States are not lagging behind

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States are gearing up to stop Omicron. A yellow alert has already been issued in Delhi due to the increase in the number of corona. Schools and colleges have been closed in that state. It has been announced to work with 50 percent staff in all the offices. Public transport will run with 50 percent passengers. In other words, the prohibition has started again. However, our state has not yet walked that path, but the government has already arranged it. In this case, corona genome sequencing has been introduced. A bunch of instructions have been given so that the corona can be identified quickly. Image courtesy: Pixels

If you have these symptoms

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Experts have found that there is no human hand in this increase in corona. They have celebrated Christmas in a careless manner. Turned, returned without a mask. The crowd arrived on the bus-train with great joy to celebrate the festival. And as it turns out, Corona has started to grow since then. So in the New Year (New Year) according to them, if these symptoms appear, you should not go to the party at all-

1. Fever or chills fever.

2. Pain in the body.

3. Sore throat.

4. Taste, no smell.

5. Cough.

. Cold.

. Shortness of breath etc.

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To stay healthy

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If you want to stay healthy, don’t go out with these symptoms in any way. Forget about going to parties. Work from home. And in any case, if the symptoms appear, do not leave. Consult a specialist. If necessary, do the test according to his advice. Corona positive actually stay at home or go to the hospital according to the physical condition. If treated, you will recover quickly. And those who want to avoid such an adverse situation, do not follow the rules of corona. Wear mask, wash hands with soap, maintain physical distance. Don’t stay away from these few rules. Stay well. And the new year will be good. Image courtesy: Pixels

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New Year: Don’t tell a New Year’s party if you have these symptoms!