Omicron marries up front in panic? Take note of these issues!


  • Keep an eye on how many weddings can be done.
  • Very few people may have to be invited.
  • Go to the nearest police station in advance and get permission.

This time living desk: The whole world is now Omicron (Omicron) Trembling with fear. Many people are being infected with this highly contagious virus. And in this case, the world’s fastest medical scientists have fallen asleep. They fear that if the virus is not stopped in the first place, it could lead to serious problems.

Meanwhile, in our country too, this virus has started showing its game. The number of corona patients is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. So the states are taking several steps. Delhi Corona Situation) has already issued a yellow alert. In this case closed schools, colleges. Besides, 50 percent of the workers may be in the workplace. However, our state of West Bengal (West Bengal Corona Situation) is not very good. In this case, even if there is no such prohibition right now, experts say that the prohibition may be issued soon.

However, Kovid says that marriage can no longer be stuck. How long ago was the plan (Wedding Plan). It would be very bad if that plan broke down because of Corona. In that case, if the situation continues like this, there will be other events including marriage. In that case marriage will have to be arranged with some people.

Experts say Corona’s condition is such that the marriage could be postponed if possible at this time. However, postponing the marriage will not be possible for everyone. Lots of money has been spent on shopping, and advance payments have been made for wedding expenses. In that case, if you don’t get married now, problems may arise.

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If you need to get married at this time (Get Married in Corona Situation), there are a few things to keep in mind-

Find out what Kovidvidhi says in your area- In this case, some rules are coming out every day. Keep an eye on that. Keep an eye on how many weddings can be done.

Get married near your home- Remember, it would not be right to marry far away during Kovid’s time. As a result, get married near home.

Make a list of invitees- You wanted to invite a lot of people to the wedding. But at this time that wish is not being fulfilled. Rather, heal the anniversary. You may have to invite very few people at this time. In that case, make a short list of invitees. Of course that list must be between 20 to 50 people. But later any new guidelines, in fact, take action accordingly.

Make sure the invitees get the double dose vaccine. Complete the Double Dose Vaccinated for everyone in the house, including you. Keep that tick certificate with you.

Get permission – Go to the nearest police station in advance and ask for permission. Let me know, when the wedding, how many will come, etc.

In marriage, you must follow the rules. In this case, wearing a mask is mandatory for every person. Physical distance must be accepted.

Catering- Eating together at this time can increase the risk of infection. In that case, you must tell the catering to abide by the tax rules. Make sure food does not spread the infection.

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Omicron marries up front in panic? Take note of these issues!