Omicron: This is the only sign of Omicron you will hear! Learn


  • Now the virus has crossed the sea to West Bengal.
  • In the case of Omicron, the symptoms of the disease appear in the body faster than Delta.
  • Problems can occur within 4 to 5 days of germs entering.

This time living desk: Don’t (Corona) Is not leaving us behind. This disease is hitting us at different times, in different forms. A few days ago we caught the second wave of Corona. Behind that wave was the Delta. The effects of this strain were deplorable in India. People in Qatar have been infected with the disease. Numerous patients have been admitted to the hospital. The condition was so bad that many people did not get hospital beds. Many people lost their lives. Yet we have passed that time. Everything is back to normal. Even schools and colleges have opened. But Corona may not be able to tolerate this good living of the people. So this time the virus came Omicron (Omicron) Form. There are many mutations in the spike protein of this omikron virus. Mutations have made the virus much more contagious.

Although it was first found in South Africa, the virus has now spread across the sea to West Bengal. And for this reason, the health experts of the state are counting the mistakes. In this case, experts say, the patient should be isolated by diagnosing the disease as soon as possible. Only then can people be brought away from this virus.

Symptoms of Omicron
Research shows that the symptoms of omicron (Omicron Symptoms) And the symptoms of the first corona virus are almost the same. However, in the case of Omicron, the symptoms of the disease appear in the body faster than Delta. In this case, the problem may occur within 4 to 5 days of the germs entering the body. These symptoms occur in the case of Omicron-
1. Sore throat.
2. Headache.
3. Body aches
4. Dry cough.
5. Nose off.
. Back pain.
. Weakness.
. Occasional cough.
9. Taste, no smell.
However, according to a famous international newspaper, a sign of Omicron can be heard in the ears.

Can you hear the signs of Omicron?
Many patients with Omicron may have a sore throat. Again, there may be a change in the voice of those affected by Omicron. In this case, if there is a change in the voice of the throat, the voice does not come out of the throat, the voice is broken, etc., you must consult a doctor. Get the corona test done too. Your Omicron may be too. And your ears also understand, you have this problem.

If you want to survive Omicron
According to experts, even if you want to avoid Omicron, you have to obey the tax rules. In this case wearing a mask is mandatory. However, experts are apprehensive about the indifference created by people wearing masks. According to them, if the day goes on like this, the storm of problems may come down in a few days. Then the situation will be very difficult to handle. In addition to wearing a mask, you must wash your hands regularly. Hands should be washed with soap. If you do not have soap, you must use a sanitizer. On the other hand, keep a little physical distance during this time. Only then can you save yourself and your family from this Omicron.

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Omicron: This is the only sign of Omicron you will hear! Learn