Omicron will not stick to the cloth mask!

This time living desk: Coroner (Corona) The game is not over yet. This virus is showing new magic every day. The latest addition to that game is Omicron (Omicron). The whole world is worried about this particular form of corona. Because the virus is highly contagious. According to the research, there have been many changes in the spike protein of this corona virus. This change is causing problems. The virus is spreading more rapidly from one person to another. And this is the reason why the countries of the world have fallen asleep. Medical scientists of every country are engaged in work. Attempts are being made to find a way to keep distance from this new corona.

However, in the minds of the common people, there is still no heldol with Omicron. There is no mask on the face. And those who wear masks, a part of them is wearing cloth masks (Cloth) Mask). But here’s the bad news. Experts believe that the mask of this cloth will not be able to avoid the danger like Omicron in any way.

Trish Greenhalog, a professor of primary healthcare services at Oxford University, said there should be no bets on fabric masks or cloth masks at this time. Such masks can only enhance fashion. There is no way Corona can get rid of it. On the other hand, wearing a triple layer mask can be a solution to the problem.

Red Alert is running all over the world due to Omicron. India is also on that alert. Our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also warned about this new corona. Meanwhile, even in developed countries like Britain, warnings have been issued after Omicron was caught. Masks have been made compulsory in that country. The same rule applies in our country. Yet there is no heldol among the people.

Problems with cloth masks

Experts say that health awareness has nothing to do with cloth masks. Because in this case no health standard is accepted. Corona virus can easily enter the body by wearing this type of mask. Meanwhile, the triple layer mask of N95 or trusted company is made according to the rules. This is to ensure that the virus does not enter the body easily.

However, people often wear masks that do not allow them to breathe properly. Experts believe that this type of mask can be bad for the body. Again many wear a mask repeatedly. This habit is also harmful to the body. There can even be various types of infections.

Therefore, experts advise to wear a mask to avoid corona, especially to remove this omicron panic. Mask is one of the tools to survive this disease. However, this problem will not be solved only after the mask. The mask must be worn according to the rules. Use N95 or 3 Layer Mask. Do not reuse the mask in any way. Just follow the rules. You will see that Corona is far away.

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Omicron will not stick to the cloth mask!