Problems with gas in the baby’s stomach? Give relief to the little gold by massaging in this way

This time living desk: Many newborns suffer from flatulence after birth. However, children’s gas problems usually go away on their own in a few days. Again in some cases it lasts for many days. This can lead to abdominal pain and even insomnia. Newborn babies drink breast milk. Eating and drinking of the mother may cause gas in the stomach. In some cases, this problem occurs even if you do not eat for a long time or do not drink milk properly. Then many people try to reduce the gas by taking medicine. But there is a very simple way to get rid of baby gas. In this case, gas can be expelled from the baby’s stomach by massaging. Besides, the muscles will also get relief.

Symptoms of gas in the baby’s stomach

1. Crying in pain

2. Flatulence

3. Being irritable and not drinking milk properly

4. Flatulence

5. Difficulty sleeping

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If there is gas in the baby’s stomach, massage it in this way

If the above symptoms are seen, massage can give relief to the children. This will get the gas out of the stomach and they will get relief. You can use any good oil for massage. The oil that suits the baby’s skin should be chosen.

1. Abdominal massage

This massage should be started in a clockwise direction. Massage in a semicircle from left to right with the right hand. Then complete this circle by massaging with the left hand. Do not massage this too forcefully. Light hands should be massaged at all times.

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2. Fuling

Place the thumb of both hands on the baby’s abdomen. Then move the thumb from top to bottom one after the other. Massage the upper part of the navel with the help of thumb. Then massage under the navel. Do not massage the navel more than twice and below the navel more than twice.

3. Moonwalking

If there is gas pain in the abdomen of the child, you can massage in this method. Massage the baby’s abdomen from left to right with your fingers. With the help of fingers on the navel can massage like a moonwalk. However, while massaging, cut the nails so that the baby does not feel pain.

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4. Kneel up

Lay the baby straight. Then hold the legs from the knees and bend towards the abdomen. Take the two legs together to the abdomen. After that let it stay like this for 5 seconds. Do this process three times. As a result, the gas accumulated in the stomach of children will be easily expelled.

5. Circular massage

Near the navel, massage the circle from right to left. Do not put pressure on the stomach. Slowly enlarge the circle so that the whole abdominal muscles are massaged. After that you have to massage from left to right in this way.

Note that when the baby starts crying while massaging, stop. Consult a doctor if necessary.

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Problems with gas in the baby’s stomach? Give relief to the little gold by massaging in this way