Rapid or RT PCR test found omikron trace?


  • Corona has been banned for a long time.
  • Tests can tell which strain you are on.
  • Even if the patient’s head is not touched with Omicron.

This time living desk: Corona’s resurgence has begun. The new strain of Omicron has arrived. This strain has left people in deep thought. The virus was first reported in South Africa in November last year. And in just a few days, this virus has spread all over the world. Our country is also on that list. The number of corona cases in this country has suddenly started increasing. According to experts, the third wave of Corona has started this time. The condition of our state is also quite bad in this case. In this West Bengal Corona Situation too, the number of victims is increasing day by day. Kovidavidhi has been implemented in the state following the advice of doctors. Corona has been banned for a long time.

Omicron danger
Omicron is a strain of the coronavirus. In this case, the corona virus has been created by changing itself many times. In the language of science, this process of self-mutation of the virus is called mutation. There are many mutations in this omicron. And because of these mutations, the virus is spreading so fast in humans. Experts are concerned about the virus’s contagious behavior.

It is important to test
Medical experts say the disease is highly contagious. So the disease must first be tied to a boundary. In this case, the disease needs to be identified quickly by increasing the test. Then the infected people have to be isolated. That means they have to be kept separate. In this way it is possible to break the chain of corona.

Can Omicron be identified by Rapid, RT PCR test?

No, neither of these two tests will tell you about Omicron. These two tests will only help to understand whether corona has occurred.

But how will Omicron be caught?
Genome sequencing of the virus needs to be understood to determine whether it contains omikron. That test will tell you which strain you have been exposed to. However, not everyone needs this test. The doctors let them do the test themselves with understanding. Your role there is negligible. This test is now also in our state.
According to experts, the treatment of the patient is one in all cases. So even if they don’t worry about Omicron. Rather people need to be more careful. Because the spread of this disease must be stopped first. In that case, your awareness will protect you from this disease. Wear a mask. The mask can protect you from this disease. On the other hand, you have to wash your hands regularly. Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Use sanitizer as well. Crowds but should not go. Spend these few days at home. Be careful when going out to work. Only then can this disease be fought.

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Rapid or RT PCR test found omikron trace?