Sore throat? Heal yourself in a homely way!


  • As soon as the temperature drops in winter, it becomes a paradise for many pathogens.
  • In most cases, the risk of infection increases.
  • During this time many people developed tonsillitis.

This time the living desk: Winter has come. The temperature has dropped. During this time many diseases afflict people. Because as soon as the temperature drops in winter, it becomes a paradise for many pathogens. As well as increasing air pollution causes allergy problems. All of these factors increase the risk of infection in most people.

During this time many people developed tonsillitis. Everyone with tonsillitis knows how devastating this problem can be! Problems such as sore throat, itchy throat, speech problems etc. are seen in this case. Many times people can’t even eat because of tonsillitis.
However, most of the time people get allopathic treatment if this kind of problem occurs. Problems subside quickly. However, after a while the problem arose again. But you would be surprised to know, in many cases, the treatment of this disease is possible at home. Problems can be solved very quickly. So follow this home method.

Honey has antibacterial properties. In other words, this honey can eliminate bacterial problems. Honey also contains a lot of antioxidants. Honey can be very useful in the treatment of tonsillitis. In that case mix one teaspoon of honey in lukewarm water. Now gargle 3 to 4 times with the help of this mixture. You will see that the problem has gone away. However, in this case try to use pure honey. Because other marketable honey contains harmful chemicals. In that case it is possible not to get the sweet quality.

Gargle with salt in water
Salt works well against any infection. So even if you have tonsillitis, salt can be your tool. In this case, add a pinch of salt in a glass of tolerable water. Then gargle with that water. Gargle for about 2 to 3 minutes. You see, the fruit matched the hands.

Mint leaf tea

Mint leaves contain good amount of antioxidants. Mint leaves can also be your tool in relieving sore throat due to this quality. In that case, put a few mint leaves in a cup of water and boil it. Start with this snack.

Yellow milk

Turmeric has the ability to relieve any type of inflammation. So you can definitely eat turmeric to get rid of tonsillitis. However, you can mix turmeric with hot milk instead of eating raw turmeric. The problem will subside quickly.

However, keep in mind that sore throats can be caused not only by tonsillitis but also by other infections. And most importantly, don’t go for less that your full potential.Corona). So be careful. If you have a sore throat for a few days, you must consult a doctor. Don’t leave.

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Sore throat? Heal yourself in a homely way!