There are many creepy legends about these haunted places in the country

This time the digital desk: Winter and rainy season. In these two seasons, ghost stories are very frozen. In the winter evenings with hot coffee and fish fry and in the rainy season tea, mudri, televaja. If there is no ghost story with how the environment feels like an egg without salt. This is a very common occurrence in the meeting room. The centerpiece of their event is Sabjanta Tukai Da. He talks a lot in the style of Tarinikhuro. Everyone said yes and the stories went well. Protests are held from time to time but they do not survive.

It was at Tukai Da that the Mitins first heard of the Haunted Tour. There are regular packages for haunted tours abroad. But the scourge of Sesab has not yet been created in our country. But if you want, you can do haunted tour in our country. Tukai Da argues that the effect of reform or prejudice among the people in our country is greater. The people of our country cannot take anything sportily. Compared to western countries, tourist attraction is higher. That is why various offbeat tours like Haunted Tours are very popular there.
There is no shortage of haunted places in India. And there are creepy legends about each place. After hearing those stories, some of them reached Vermi Khan, some of them reached the place of ‘Tenadera’ with the help of legend. There are many mysteries, many legends, many strange stories in India. Believe it or not, listening to the stories of those places, but the interest continues to grow. It is forbidden to go anywhere after sunset. The government itself has issued the ban. Somewhere else the locals forbid to go after sunset. The list also includes two places in our state.

D’Souza Chaul, Mumbai

Many would not believe that there could be ghosts in a crowded and noisy city like Mumbai. Believe it or not, D’Souza Chaul in Mumbai’s majestic region still stands with a ghostly badge. Many families live in this rice field in Mumbai. There is a well in the middle of the rice. The well was not surrounded by a wall. According to locals, a woman fell into the well in the past while fetching water from the well. The dissatisfied soul of that woman still roams the area every night. Many of the locals have seen him. But during the day or everything is normal. The woman was seen at night but he did not harm anyone. Claim of the locals. Despite this, the old residents of the area advise not to go there at night. Again, every night a night watchman is seen under a tree near D’Souza rice. Who guards the area. But he is not seen during the day. All in all, D’Souza Rice does not harm people. Many people want to spend the night in the area to see these good ghosts. Whether you see ghosts or not, the adventure of the creepy feeling is good all night long.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

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No entry inside the fort after 6 pm. There are official instructions at the entrance of this haunted fort in Rajasthan. The most popular haunted place in the country is Bhangarh Fort. Believe it or not, demons live inside the fort. As darkness descends, their power increases. So as soon as evening falls, their area has to be vacated. Otherwise, no one knows when Tenara will press on people’s necks. When you enter this fort built in the seventeenth century, even the bravest ones get a little depressed. There is a stone wall well just outside the famous Bhangarh main fort in Bhangarh village in Alwar district of Rajasthan. The water in the well had dried up a long time ago. There are several ancient trees in the area between the fort wall and the well. Even if the shadow of the branches of that tree reaches the well in a strange way, the well does not go too far. According to local rumors, many people have died by jumping into this well. The rulers would leave those whom they did not like or did not want to punish in the fort of Bhangarh and its surrounding labyrinths. Or they would be ‘missing’ as soon as night fell. It was thought that they would be thrown into the well with their backs to it and the head of the well would be covered with iron sheets. Many people feel uncomfortable in front of the well. Legend has it that the masters of Kalajadur lived inside the fort. There are still many patterns of Kalajadur. It is said that there is danger in touching all those patterns. Even today, if someone disobeys and enters the fort at night, he does not return.

Dr. Hill, Karshiyong

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The ghosts of Hindi cinema wander more and more in the mountains. They do not like the city shining light. But the corpses of Dr. Hill of Karshiang do not see Hindi films. They have been living on this hill since ancient times. Victoria Boys ‘High School and Dohill Girls’ High School in Karshiang are inhabited by the uninitiated. Although incorporeal, the sound of their feet can be heard clearly at night. Located just 30 km from Darjeeling, Do Hill is one of the most haunted rock town in the country. Mountain forest, orchid gardens, tea gardens all combine to make Do Hill a dream city during the day. The road between Do Hill Road and the Forest Office is called the Path of Death. The locals claim that they have seen a teenager go through this road more than once. As he walked along the road he mingled in the fog. Sometimes a woman in a gray dress is seen on the road. Many claim that two pairs of red eyes always keep an eye on people’s movements. And seeing that, many died on the way. Therefore, traveling in this way in the evening or at night is somehow prohibited.

Suicide Village Jatinga, Assam

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Not exactly ghostly, but the fact that birds commit suicide every year in Jatinga village in Dima Hasao district of Assam surprises many people. And to witness this event, year after year, a group of tourists from home and abroad arrive there. The distance from the capital Guwahati to the mysterious village of Jatinga is about three hundred and fifty kilometers. Migratory birds commit suicide in this village every year from a certain week of September to October. It is unknown at this time what caused the birds to commit suicide. Just as the insects flock there in swarms when they see the fire, so do the birds that fly over the village of Jatinga and die.

The incident started in 1905. At that time a group of Nagas lived in Jatinga village. On a rainy New Moon night that year, Nagara went out to look for a buffalo. When they go to the Jatinga peak of the Barail mountain range to look for buffaloes after lighting torches, the carcasses of birds fall on them like a stream of rain. Due to superstition, Nagara thought that the shadow of evil spirits had fallen on them. As a result, Nagara left the area. It has been raining bird carcasses ever since. By 1910, it was discovered that the abnormal death of birds in the village of Jatinga occurred only during the months of September-October. However, the suicide of birds came to the fore in 1956. Since then, tourists flock to Jatinga village every year to witness the mysterious death of birds. Eat the meat of local dead birds. At that time a festival was going on in Jatinga village.

Doomsday Beach, Gujarat

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The number of rivers is less. There is no peace in the southwestern part of the country. Tenadas are responsible for setting foot on the beaches of Dumas in the Arabian Sea, which is close to the city of Surat in Gujarat. As such, the Dumas region is quite popular with tourists. And to be honest, no matter how scared the locals are, the tourists come to this beach by pulling these sea urchins. Locals claim that unusual sounds can be heard at night or from the beach. Unusual cries, laughter. Those sounds are not of this world. The outside world. The beauty of this beach during the day makes it seem as if God was just here. But as soon as Suzy Mama goes to Patte, this beautiful beach becomes terrifying. As darkness fell, tourists and locals began to leave the place. But if a disobedient tourist wants to spend the night on the beach, he will not return. The body of a tourist was once recovered from Dumas beach.

The sand color of Doomsday beach is black. As a result the darkness is even darker here. It is said that in the past there were Hindu crematoriums at this place. After the corpse was cremated, its ashes were mixed with sand and its color turned black. And the dissatisfied souls wandering in the crematorium still roam the beach. These rumors, which have been circulating for years, have made the place even more haunting.

Begunkodar Railway Station, Purulia

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The Begunkodar station in Purulia was built in 1960 by the joint efforts of Indian Railways and local Santal Rani Lachan Kumari. The beginning was right. The station was crowded with people. But in 1986, a railway worker complained that he had seen the soul of a woman at the station. Rumor has it that the woman died in a train accident. Then an unusual thing happened. The body of his family station master was recovered from his quarters. As a result, mysterious legends keep circulating in people’s mouths. No one stepped towards the station for fear. In the late 1990s, Begunkodar villagers formed a committee and requested the authorities to reopen the station. But in spite of that, the verdict came from the ghostly takmata of the station. The next time 10 passenger trains stop at this station every day, passengers are still afraid to go to the station after sunset. Some said that some local people took initiative to maintain ghostly weather at the station. As a result, tourists flock to the area. No one knows the truth.

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There are many creepy legends about these haunted places in the country