This habit of yours is increasing the problem of asthma in winter! Learn


  • Asthma problems increase in many cases during this time.
  • Exercising in the cold is not good, at least not for asthma patients.
  • Asthma patients should be kept in a clean place.

This time the digital desk: Asthma (Asthma) Is a respiratory disease. The respiratory tract of people infected with this disease becomes smaller. Inflammation occurs there as well. Cough accumulates in the chest due to these two reasons. As a result, it is difficult to breathe (Breathing Problem). It sounds like a flute when you breathe. There may also be a cough. This is a fairly basic description of asthma.

Asthma is a complex disease. It is not possible to completely cure this disease. However, if you try, people can easily recover from this disease. In that case, change in treatment and lifestyle is one of the tools to stay well in this disease.

Cold and asthma
Winter is already well underway in our state. Everyone is busy enjoying the winter. But not everyone is good at this time. Some people are afraid of winter. Such a group of people are asthma sufferers. This is because the asthma problem increases in many cases during this time.

In this case, as soon as the winter falls, some pathogens wake up. The infection begins. And this infection can cause serious problems in the body of people suffering from asthma. But not just infections, there are many more problems. In this case, there is a lot of air pollution in winter. The air contains many allergens including dust, sand, pollen. This type of allergy can cause asthma problems. Inflammation of the respiratory tract can also occur from cold weather. That could be a problem.

Which habits lead to problems?
Habits may be behind the increase in asthma in winter –

1. Exercise outside in winter- It is better to exercise. But exercising in the cold outside the house on a winter’s day is not good, at least for asthma patients. In this case, cold weather can make your problem worse.

2. Do not use inhaler before exercise- Asthma patients during exercise Shortness of breath Maybe. In that case, the doctors deliberately told many patients to take inhaler before exercise. However, many people do not listen to the advice of experts. Then the problem arises.

3. Keep windows open while driving In winter, the weather outside is very cold. On top of that, if the window of the moving car is open again, the wind blows. As a result, the windows should not be left open in any way while driving or getting in the car.

4. Keep the neighborhood clean
An asthma patient should be in a clean place. Because dust, dirt can increase the problem of asthma. So keep your surroundings clean from today. In particular, clean bed sheets, window-door curtains, etc.

5. Use of Harmful Chemical Cleaners- Many of us clean the house. In that case, if you use a cleaner that contains harmful chemicals, then your problem will increase. So be careful from today.

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This habit of yours is increasing the problem of asthma in winter! Learn