Toothache? Solve this in a homely way!


  • The pain starts when the cavity reaches the inside of the tooth.
  • Clove contains some wonderful painkillers.
  • Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory properties.

This time living desk: All was well. The surrounding environment was colorful. But suddenly the toothache started (Toothache). Then everything changed. There is no way to get rid of the pain. Eating is a long way off, I can’t even talk. The mind is not sitting at work. No sleep, no nava. In this case, the pain killer was bought at the drug store. After eating that pain killer, Kamal got a little pain. But that too for a few hours. Then the problem appeared again. Pain again. At first it was less, but gradually the pain increased. Once again everything became unbearable. Toothache ( Tooth Pain) The overall picture is this on the whole.

In fact, many times the teeth become cavities. The pain starts when this hole reaches inside the tooth. Bacterial infections in the teeth, calcium deficiency is also seen to be a problem. So everyone has to be careful from the beginning.
Now those who have such problems do not understand exactly which way the problem can be solved. But Delhi is not far away. Instead, the problem can be solved by using a few home remedies at hand.

Which way?
Potatoes- My favorite light in your kitchen can be a good potato for your dental problems. Cut the potatoes and put them in the teeth. You see, it worked like magic. Reduced pain.

Clove- Clove contains some wonderful painkillers. So cloves are used for toothache. In this case, you can apply clove oil on the sore spot. You will see that the fruit is matched in the hand.

Guava leaves- If you want to reduce this problem, guava leaf can be one of your tools. In this case, guava leaves have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to reducing the pain of this pair of leaves match the weight. So Toothache If so, be sure to keep the guava leaves in your mouth. Then you will be fine.

Mustard oil- If you want to reduce toothache, you can apply mustard oil on your teeth. In this case mix a little salt with oil.

Raw Garlic- Raw garlic works great in reducing any pain. So even if you want to reduce toothache, you can cut the garlic a little and put it on the teeth. You see, great work.

Expert Advice- If all else fails, get ideas from others. In that case it is customary to consult a doctor. He is the one who can give you the right advice.

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Toothache? Solve this in a homely way!