Two new signs of the real Omicron in front! Learn


  • Changes have occurred in the spike protein of this new corona virus.
  • After identifying the virus, the infected person must first be kept in isolation.
  • People are getting infected with this disease even after taking two vaccines.

This time living desk: Disaster again at the beginning of 2022! The number of corona cases has started increasing again. This trend is all over the country. West Bengal Corona Situations is not going to be left out either. In this state also innumerable people are getting infected with Rose Covid. And most importantly, the number of victims is increasing by leaps and bounds. And that is why informed quarters are afraid. In this case, new restrictions are being introduced in the state from Monday to prevent the increase of corona. Schools, colleges, offices will be closed with 50 percent staff, local trains will run with 50 percent passengers, local train will be closed after 7 pm and a bunch of other restrictions.

Another name for fear Omicron
People first learned of the virus at the end of November. However, this virus has frightened the whole world in just 1 month. The virus, first detected in South Africa, is now playing its part in India. Even in West Bengal, Omicron is quite frozen.

In fact, scientists have seen changes in the spike protein of this new corona virus. As a result, the virus has become deadly contagious. This means that the virus can be easily transmitted from one person to another. And because of this quality of the virus, medical scientists are afraid of him.

Symptoms of Omicron
Experts say that the virus should be identified and the infected person should be kept in isolation first. Only then can this disease be cured. Here are the symptoms:
1. Headache.
2. Pain in the body.
3. Dry cough.
4. Sore throat etc.
In addition, loss of taste and smell and shortness of breath have been reported in some cases. Hopefully, the symptoms of this virus are mostly mild.

Two new symptoms of omikron

The Zoe Covid Study App brings to the fore two unknown symptoms of Omicron at the moment (Zoe Covid Study App).Unknown Symptoms of Omicron). These two symptoms were not known for so long. The two symptoms are-
1. Vomiting
2. The feeling of hunger is gone.

According to the head of this app, these two symptoms are more common in people who have completed the vaccine.

Get tested
Remember, these types of symptoms (Omicron Symptoms) Don’t wait any longer. In that case, consult a doctor directly. If he asks you to test, do it quickly. If it is possible to identify the disease, it is possible to get rid of this disease.

Omicron also with two vaccines

Don’t feel safe having two vaccines. Even after taking two vaccines, people are getting infected with this disease. So be careful.

To prevent disease

Kovid rules must be obeyed to prevent Omicron. Be sure to wear a mask, use a sanitizer, and wash your hands with soap. And turn on the physical distance again. These are the things that can keep us away from this disease.

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Two new signs of the real Omicron in front! Learn