Want to get rid of stomach problems? Follow this homemade way


  • Stomach is one of the keys to good health.
  • Fiber is very beneficial for the body.
  • Drinking lukewarm water is very effective in solving the problem.

This time living desk: Manasbabu’s Stomach Problems. Whether you eat something every day or not, there is indigestion, gas and acidity. So he took rose gas medicine every day. However, taking medicine does not solve the problem. Peace as long as the medicine works. The same situation again with the decrease in the effectiveness of the drug. Manasbabu can’t find a way to escape from this problem. However, Manasbabu is not alone, innumerable people are suffering from this daily trouble. Some have gas, some have heartburn, some have stomach bloating.

According to experts, your stomach is one of the keys to good health. If you have a good stomach, you will be fine. So it is necessary to keep a good stomach. However, it is often difficult to get rid of such problems. Medications don’t work either. Where is the road then? The way is right in front of your hands. So follow these rules at home (Home Remedies)-

Copper pot Various studies have shown that drinking water in a copper vessel is very beneficial for the body and stomach. Therefore, experts say, if you can drink water in a copper pot, you can get the best results. In that case you have to get up every morning and drink water from a copper pot. Fill the copper pot with water every night. Then drink water from that pot in the morning. Researchers have found that when copper is soaked overnight, some of the copper’s properties dissolve in the water. So this water is the overall improvement of the body.

Eat fiber-rich foods Fiber is one of the most beneficial nutrients for the body. This food can strengthen the digestive system. As a result food is well digested. So you have to put green vegetables and fruits in the food list. This type of food contains a good amount of fiber.

Drink warm water- Drinking lukewarm water can be very effective in relieving various stomach problems. Therefore, according to experts, one should drink a glass of lukewarm water every day. Best of all, if anyone can drink this on an empty stomach in the morning.

Exercise- There is no substitute for exercise to keep the stomach healthy. Exercise improves metabolism and increases the power of the digestive system. So you need to exercise daily. In this case you have to exercise at least 30 minutes every day. And you have to do at least 150 minutes a week. Then the body and stomach will be better.

Not in outside food-
If you want to keep your stomach healthy, you should not buy food from outside. There are various kinds of impurities in the food outside. So eating all those foods is very harmful for the stomach.

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Want to get rid of stomach problems? Follow this homemade way