Wear sari, cheek beard! Androgenous model of Kolkata outside the known table

This time the digital desk: Sing the song of equality-
There is no difference between men and women in my eyes. “
Many Bengalis have memorized these two verses of the rebellious poet’s poem ‘Nari’. Everybody says average while speaking. However, there can be a huge debate about how many people believe it. It has not yet been possible to bridge the social gap between men and women. Attempts to eliminate discrimination with people of the third sex are more remote. Amit (Amit Bittoo Dey), of course, does not deal with so many harsh words. He is in his power. He is determined to break the so-called notion of society from the very beginning. He can express men and women in the same body. He has proved that one can match one’s being externally without showing thumbs up to nature. Photo courtesy: Instagram

Androgenous model

Amit Bittu De. Androgynous Model 6 There are both male and female entities in him So maybe in the body of a man, he very naturally expresses the expression of a woman He became Ananya in sari, jewelery and make-up even without shaving his beard. Although his hometown does not give him special recognition, he has a reputation in the international arena as a bisexual model. Also got national fame.

Many have been fascinated to see Amit dressed as a bride. Even though he is a man, his appearance as a woman is like an impeccable art. Wide-fitting sari with matching jewelry, with thick branches. But the trimmed beard of the cheek is standing in its place. There is no cover. Personality is also evident in the appearance. Photo courtesy: Instagram

Amit in a short stay

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Seeing the folds of Amit’s body in a short time can be the envy of any famous and expensive super model. Even if you are a man, you can’t believe that anyone can have such a pelvic body without seeing Amit. Amit’s picture has already been published on the cover of British fashion magazine ‘Equal’. In his hometown, however, Amit has not yet found a place in the front row That is why he has chosen the internet to express his talent Uploading Amit’s picture on social media means a flood of likes in a moment Photo courtesy: Instagram

Popular abroad

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This type of modeling is quite popular abroad. But very few people in our country care about androgenous modeling. In a country where there is no limit to women’s modeling, it is unthinkable to look at the modeling of bisexual people as normal. But for those who believe in the game of table breaking, it is very difficult to keep them. With the ashes in the face of the slanderer, so maybe Amitara made his way. Rather be compelled to say goodbye. Photo courtesy: Instagram

A model by profession, photographer, interior designer and director

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Amit Bittu Dey is a model, photographer, interior designer and director by profession. A few days ago, his photo series ‘To His Coy Mistress’ was dropped. It portrayed the dual life and struggle of the LGBTQ + community in our country. That work was highly praised. The man of the third sex (Amit Bittu Dey) was the centerpiece of the film, competing with men and women.

Amit’s picture of a woman is always making a storm on the internet. Some are fascinated, some are joking. Someone again became jealous of her beauty. Fascination makes Amit happy but ‘joke’ gives him strength to move forward. Photo courtesy: Instagram

Amits believe in the seven colors of the rainbow

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In multiple interviews with the media, Amit said that he had been fascinated by the beauty of his two sisters since childhood. He wanted to be like them. But then there was no courage. He had to worry about “what people will say”. But time makes him understand that, “Kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kam hai kahena.” So this androgenous model, instead of talking about people, wears women’s outfits.

Not blue or pink. Amits believe in the seven colors of the rainbow. So the touch of that particular color becomes clear in the body. As if the seven colors became clear in the color of consciousness. Photo courtesy: Instagram

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Wear sari, cheek beard! Androgenous model of Kolkata outside the known table