What effect does Omicron have on the lungs? Expert in the answer


  • Mutations occur in the spike proteins of the virus.
  • Corona is a respiratory virus.
  • It is very bad to get pneumonia due to a viral infection.

This time living desk: It was not defended in Delta. This is the worst situation in India that day due to Delta Dapat. We have barely overcome that resh. A few months ago, the normal course of action was resumed following the Kovid rules. But in the meantime, the news of Omicron flew at the end of November. At first they didn’t pay much attention, but within a few days, the experts realized that it was very difficult to control the virus. Because this virus is very contagious (Very Infectious).

But those days of thinking are now past. At the moment, this new one is moving very fast in India Don’t Virus. In this case, the number of corona cases has started increasing again in different states. Due to this increase in corona, various restrictions have been imposed. West Bengal is not left out of that list. Kovid is also growing in this state Omicron The number of victims. So this time the doctors are warning in the New Year.

Why worry Omicron?

In this regard, Dr. Rudrajit Pal, a prominent medical specialist at Amri Hospital, said that a lot of research is being done on this virus. In this case, it is known that mutations have occurred in the spike protein of this virus. Omicron has become highly contagious as a result of these changes in spike proteins. This means that the virus can spread from one person to another very quickly. As a result, once a person is infected, others may fall into this problem. So be careful.

What is the effect of this disease on the lungs?

Dr. Paul said that as far as is known, the virus is very contagious, but the disease is not serious. This is the case even in the case of South Africa. In most cases there are mild symptoms of corona.

However, there is no risk of lung problems?

Dr. Paul said, no, that cannot be said. Corona is a respiratory virus. In other words, if people are infected with this disease, problems may occur in the respiratory system. Omicron is also a form of Covid 19. As a result, the lungs may be affected. Then shortness of breath may occur, the level of oxygen in the body may decrease.

What could be pneumonia in this case?

According to Dr. Paul, pneumonia is a serious lung infection. Bacterial pneumonia also affects one of our two lungs. But it is very bad to get pneumonia due to viral infection. In this case, the problem spreads to both lungs. The patient’s condition deteriorates rapidly. This problem also occurs in the case of covid pneumonia. That is why so many people have lost their lives. And since omicron is a covid virus, it can also occur with omikron infection. So be careful.

What precautions to take?

In this case, the tax rules have to be brought back among the people. This problem can be solved by following the rules of corona. Wear a mask, wash your hands, use a sanitizer. As well as physical distance must be adhered to. Don’t rush. In particular, we need to be more careful during the New Year. No party this year. Stay home, stay healthy. This is the only way to get rid of this virus, says this eminent doctor.

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What effect does Omicron have on the lungs? Expert in the answer