Why is the situation in West Bengal so bad? Experts in the North


  • West Bengal has been at the forefront since the beginning of the third wave.
  • Corona is growing today because of our laziness.
  • The situation can move from complicated to more complicated.

This time living desk: Corona situation in West Bengal is threatening at the beginning of the new year. Many believe that the number of corona infestations has reached alarming levels. As of Wednesday, the state of Corona has been hit by more than 14,000 cases. In Kolkata alone, the number of infected has crossed 6,000. Meanwhile, the positive rate has exceeded 23 percent by increasing the headaches of experts. That is, if every four corona test, one corona positive! There has even been a big jump in the number of active patients. And seeing all this information, experts are apprehensive.

The first and second wave of transmission in the country started from states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi. But West Bengal has been in the front row since the beginning of the third wave. Seeing the rate of infection in this state, some doctors have started sweating on their foreheads. In this case, the situation is like the tsunami of Corona. Don’t do people in the house. Some are testing, some are not. Overall the situation is quite dire.

Why did the situation in West Bengal and Kolkata get worse so quickly? In this regard, Dr. Soumitra Ghosh, a member of the State Covid Task Force and Head of the Medicine Department of PG Hospital, said, “People have not followed the Covid rules. Didn’t wear a mask, didn’t follow distance rules, crowded together. Corona is growing today because of our laziness. We have to get back to this place in good condition. In that case we have to abide by the Kovid rules. ‘

“The situation is very worrying,” said Dr Arindam Biswas, a leading medical specialist at RN Tagore Hospital. The situation can move from complicated to more complicated. However, there is only one glimmer of hope, this time less than the number of patients going to the hospital. But the way the infection is increasing and if the infected have other diseases, then there will be problems. Regarding the Corona image of West Bengal, Dr. Biswas said, ‘The transmission here has started since Durgapuja. In Durgapujo, in most cases, the rules of corona were ignored. Again, after Pujo, we did not increase the Corona Test in that way. That’s when we should have been careful. However, the administration at that time showed a lax attitude. Ordinary people also forgot about Corona. I am enjoying its fruits now. In fact, with the advent of Omicron, the problem has become so much more due to the increase in Tests.

Dr. Shamashis Banerjee, a leading medical specialist at Apollo Hospital, said: That is why the infection is increasing in Kolkata including West Bengal.

Prominent public health specialist Dr. Anirban Dolai said, “The rate of corona infection has increased in West Bengal. However, this rate should not be accepted with white eyes in the first place. In this case, many people are not getting tested despite having an infection. Since there is no test for such an infected patient, they have to look at the positivity rate. However, if all these patients could be tested for corona, this positivity would go down. Besides, in densely populated cities like Kolkata, people did not follow the rules. We rejoiced in breaking the dam on Christmas, New Year. He also has to pay compensation. Tomorrow we all have to be careful. Only then it is possible to get rid of this disease.

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Why is the situation in West Bengal so bad? Experts in the North