Why worry? Know the 5 biggest reasons!


  • Anxiety can be a problem if you control your life.
  • Financial problems can come in life for various reasons.
  • Anxiety can suddenly increase your heart rate.

This time living desk: Life means there will be problems. Some have big problems, some have small ones, and some have medium ones. But it is normal to have problems. However, in many cases, bypassing the problem, anxiety enters into life. Because we want to get away from the problem. And from that thought arises the problem, which is called stress (Stress)! A little thought can be in everyone’s life. However Anxiety Problems will arise if you control your life. Anxiety can break a person from within. Deterioration of mental state may occur.

Anxiety, however, cannot be confined to mental problems alone. Rather the consequences of anxiety go deeper. In this case, physical problems may occur. Anxiety can cause Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and other ailments. So No worries Experts are giving their opinion about it.

Causes of stress

Experts say that stress should be considered as a disease now. Here are some of the reasons behind the anxiety:

1. Financial problems- We need money to survive. However, financial problems can come in life for various reasons. In that case anxiety arises.

2. Divorce or breakup- Mental problems can occur even if the relationship is broken in life.

3. Work pressure- Many people can’t take the pressure of work these days. This problem is especially prevalent in the private sector. In this case, life is crushed under the pressure of work. People work incessantly from morning till night. There is no pause anywhere. Then in many cases, even after the work time has passed, you have to go to work in the office. No time, no leisure. Such a lifestyle is bringing anxiety in the lives of many.

4. Job Uncertainty-
Admittedly, there is nothing sure about life. However, there is no guarantee that there will be a single sentence. In many cases, the job is gone, the situation is gone. Problems are appearing in such situations.

5. Family problems- We grow up in a family. This time, if for some reason there is a problem in the family, then the person’s life is full of worries.

How do you know you’re in trouble?

When you are anxious, your heart rate may increase suddenly, your breathing may become faster, you may sweat, you may feel hurt, you may have headaches, your body may tremble, you may forget a little, you may always feel upset, and so on. And if it continues like this for a long time, people get depressed. It also increases the risk of weight gain, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

How to solve the problem?
1. Talk to your family about this. You’ll be fine if they stay by your side.
2. Give yourself time. Talk to yourself.
3. Start exercising early in the morning.
4. Start eating well.
5. Do the things you love.
. Talk to friends.
. Quit or reduce alcohol, cigarettes.
. Take a bath in lukewarm water.
9. Massage the head.
10. Mindfulness or pranayama should be done.
This is the only way to be good.

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Why worry? Know the 5 biggest reasons!