Will the cloth mask prevent Omicron? Learn


  • Omicron virus is very contagious.
  • Cloth masks have no protection.
  • Even two surgical masks can be worn.

This time living desk: The third wave of corona has started in India. And this time Bengal (West Bengal) is at the very front row in the corona wave. The number of victims is increasing here every day. In this situation, the Covid Rules (West Bengal Corona Rules) have been applied throughout the state. Once again, people are trapped in a web of rules.

Some experts have repeatedly said that if people listened a little, did not swear a little, the rules would not be seen this day. However, the situation is still not out of hand. Experts say that people should be more aware of corona to stay healthy. In this case, wearing a mask to get rid of the corona is a must.

But there is also a problem. Most people wear a cloth mask as a mask. This type of mask has no protection. As a result, Omicron or other variants of Corona virus can easily enter the body through this mask top. That’s why doctors say, instead of wearing a cloth mask, you should wear a three-layer surgical mask, N95 mask.

Omicron and cloth mask

Experts say that we use masks so that the liquid droplets (aerosol) coming out of the mouth of a diseased person in front of us do not enter our mouth. This is because the virus is in the fluid. This time, even if the big liquid droplets get stuck in the cloth mask, the small liquid droplets don’t get stuck. And the virus like Omicron enters the body by the hand of this fluid drop. So we have to be especially careful.

Research so far has shown that the Omicron virus is highly contagious. Many mutations have occurred in the spike protein of this virus. And because of this change, Omicron has become so contagious. So in just a few days, the virus has become a terror to the whole world. So we have to be a little more careful about this virus.

What is CDC saying?

America is also worried about this virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in that country says anyone over the age of two who has not been vaccinated against corona should wear a mask at home. Their guideline says to wear a multilayer cloth mask under a three layer mask. The face will be completely covered by the mask. And most importantly, after opening the cloth mask, it should be washed and cleaned with detergent. On the other hand, the three layer mask should be discarded once.

What to do?
Listen to the CDC’s statement. That should be followed. You can also wear N95 mask if you want. Even two surgical masks can be worn. But don’t just rely on cloth masks. Doing so will not give you a chance. Stay healthy.

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Will the cloth mask prevent Omicron? Learn