Christiane Taubira in “Le Monde”, the “little ax” that has become the hope of the left

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The appointment is made for mid-January. Until then, Christiane Taubira must decide whether she will participate in the presidential election, scheduled in just over four months. The former Keeper of the Seals of François Hollande would have started to consider this option after the breakthrough of the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour in the polls and the laborious start of the campaign of the left-wing candidates.

When The world evokes, on March 13, 1993, for the first time the Guyanese politician Christiane Taubira-Delannon (named after her ex-husband, the former independence leader Roland Delannon, with whom she was married until 2002), the journalist Frédéric Bobin anticipates “A breakthrough that cannot be ruled out” during the upcoming legislative elections for the one whose ideas had been to “Independence coloring”, until 1991. Well seen: the former activist of the Guyanese Decolonization Movement (MoGuyde), from 1978 to 1981, who became ” General manager “ of the Office of Cooperation and Foreign Trade, was the surprise elected in the March 1993 ballot.

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On May 26, the same Frédéric Bobin tries to solve “The enigma of Christiane Taubira-Delannon”. The MP for Cayenne-Macouria, 41, inflicted a “Humiliating defeat” to the Guyanese Socialist Party (PSG). Nicknamed “The little ax”, according to a Creole proverb, the politician tried to “Resist the pressing wave of requests” before becoming “The unwitting heroine” of this election by triumphing over the Guyanese elite, too certain of their victory. Confident, Frédéric Bobin concludes: “The little ax will still be able to mow big trees.” “

The Slavery Law and the Elimination of Jospin

In the following years, she carved out a unique place in the French political landscape: first through the list of Bernard Tapie in the European elections of 1994, where Christiane Taubira figures prominently, says Pascale Robert-Diard in the daily newspaper.. Then in Parliament, during debates transcribed by Caroline Monnot and Jean-Baptiste de Montvalon on October 20, 1997. Pierre Mazeaud, RPR deputy for Haute-Savoie, then addressed the elected representative: “Dear colleague, I knew you were an economist, I am discovering a great parliamentarian. Either way: talented. “ The aura of the socialist deputy ” atypical “, according to journalist Jean-Louis Saux, becomes difficult to ignore from February 18, 1999. That day, Christiane Taubira proposed a law qualifying slavery as a crime against humanity and passed down to posterity.

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Christiane Taubira in “Le Monde”, the “little ax” that has become the hope of the left