Full glow with the new Phlov cosmetics set!

Sometimes there are days when I want to show my brilliance. So that everyone I meet will immediately know that today I feel like a real goddess. Do you have that too? Or maybe you are just looking for reliable ways to illuminate your face and body? Today I will show you a set of my cosmetics brand Phlov, I will also share a few tricks that I use myself!

Shine like a goddess

With illumination in mind, we have created a set of three cosmetics that combine not only shine, but also amazing and effective care. Golden Goddess, because that’s what we called this set, includes:

  • Diamond Look – a wonderful, illuminating face cream with a soft focus effect. It beautifully smoothes the skin, nourishes it and moisturizes it for a long time, which is why it works as an illuminating make-up base;
  • Sunny Pearl is a radiant body oil and a real treat – it is perfect for summer relaxation when we reveal more skin, but it perfectly harmonizes with cooler months, when we miss the August sun;
  • Crystal Magic is an illuminating body mist, full of electrolytes, moisturizing the skin, refreshing – and extremely multifunctional, but I’ll tell you about it in a moment.

We chose these cosmetics primarily to help you achieve the desired effect, regardless of whether you want a gentle illumination or a full glow!

My tips

  • Crystal Magic it’s a refreshing, illuminating body mist… but I also use it on my hair sometimes. It has a light formula, so it does not weigh down the hairstyle, but makes each strand shine beautifully and sparkle in the light!
  • Also, don’t be afraid to use Crystal Magic after applying makeup, because it fixes well. And, of course, it gives the skin a lively glow, so it’s also useful for long days as a makeup refreshment.
  • Diamond Look I usually use it as a base for foundation, but sometimes, if I want a lighter makeup, I use it instead of a foundation. The soft focus effect evens out the skin, and the cream itself illuminates it beautifully – perfect for a minimal make-up look. I also noticed that when I’m on the run, after having a poor night’s sleep, if I mix it up Diamond Look with BB cream, CC or foundation, its effect automatically “erases” any fatigue from the skin!
  • There are also two ways to use the brilliance it gives Diamond Lookwhich I use often. The first is to use it as a highlighter. A bit on the cheekbones, under the browbone, sometimes on the bridge of the nose, and that’s it. The second way is a more advanced idea – apply a tiny amount of cream to the cupid’s bow, just above the center of the upper lip. This small treatment will optically and beautifully enlarge your lips!
  • Sunny Pearl is a great companion for summer travels. Not only does it make your skin radiant and shiny (and harmonizes so beautifully with the sun!), It also helps you achieve an even, beautiful tan. Its ingredients activate melanin. However, remember to always use a sunscreen cream – burns are extremely harmful to the skin.
  • Finally, let me tell you that Sunny Pearl in fact, I use it all year round when I want to illuminate my skin and give it a luxurious glow. Let me tell you that when applying it, I never forget about the neckline and collarbones – these are places that you can see in dresses and some blouses, even sweaters, so it’s worth paying attention to them. But sometimes I put on more oil than I need, so to be sure I always wait a while and then remove the excess with a paper towel. Thanks to this, I do not risk that the oil will soak into my clothes!

Catch that glow!

If you are interested in our new set, you can find it on the website Phlov. Don’t forget to share your impressions – and shine your wonderful light inside and out!

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Full glow with the new Phlov cosmetics set!