How far will Didier Raoult, the antivax idol who clings to his post, go?

By Ariane Chemin and Gilles Rof

Posted yesterday at 11:17 a.m., updated at 2:29 a.m.

Even his family is fractured. The quarrel was simmering quietly at the Raoult, it now bursts into the open. The first name of Didier’s daughter, Magali (Carcopino-Tusoli), had already disappeared from her father’s Wikipedia file. Erased from the paternal CV, as if repudiated online: she is no longer anything but“a daughter born from a previous union” alongside Sacha and Lola, the two other children of the Marseille microbiologist. But since this specialist in vascular medicine, who officiates at the Marseille public hospital in Sainte-Marguerite, opposed the medical opinions of the famous professor, the war has taken a new turn.

Magali Carcopino-Tusoli, the daughter of Didier Raoult, knows the ravages caused by the coronavirus. His view of the positions taken by his “parent”, as she calls it privately, is getting tougher every day. In particular those on vaccines against Covid-19.

The daughter of Didier Raoult decided to summon in direct appearance for “defamation and insults” one of the closest collaborators of the founder of the Institut hospitalo-universitaire (IHU) of Marseille: the biochemist Eric Chabrière, sniper charged by the institute to defend it on social networks. A first hearing is to be held on February 4 before the 11e Chamber of the Marseilles Court of Justice, learned The world. And, for the first time, the Public Assistance of the Hospitals of Marseille (AP-HM), a founding member of the IHU and one of its main financial supporters, will take civil action alongside Magali Carcopino-Tusoli as well as of her husband, Xavier Carcopino, a gynecologist-obstetrician at the Nord Hospital in Marseille.

The story is not trivial. In 2020, from the start of the pandemic, the daughter of Didier Raoult’s first marriage joined the Covid-19 units to lend a hand to her colleagues. Guards at SAMU, high-flow oxygen therapy, the young woman was exhausted like so many others saving patients who were decompensating in a single day. She knows the devastation caused by the coronavirus. His gaze on the positions taken by his “genitor”, as the 44-year-old mother privately calls it, is getting tougher every day. In particular those on vaccines against Covid-19.

The Marseille professor never believed it. In April 2020, in Paris Match and on BFM-TV, he explained peremptorily that we would not find any quickly: “It’s a silly challenge. Nearly 30 billion dollars have been spent on the one against HIV, see the result! (…) The chance of a vaccine for an emerging disease becoming a public health tool is close to zero. » Since they were developed and showed their effectiveness on mortality, Didier Raoult, director of the IHU, refuses to encourage mass vaccination and, in the summer of 2021, it is without enthusiasm, and by a simple tweet, which he called to that of caregivers. “Because I asked him” remembers the new boss of the AP-HM, François Crémieux. Raoult refuses, on the other hand, to sign any press release on the subject with him. A skirmish in what became trench warfare.

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How far will Didier Raoult, the antivax idol who clings to his post, go?