How to put baby to sleep? Tricks saved my nights

Bath, check. Suck, check. Eyes closed, check. I put it down gently…. and yeah yeah! But finally ! How to fall asleep baby in a few minutes ? Is it possible by the way? How can you help her get to sleep during the day? How do I get it falls asleep alone in his bed, without having to rock him for hours 😭? And how do you put your baby to sleep without breastfeeding? How to make sure that bedtime does not turn into a nightmare and… especially so as not to be called back within 10 minutes… Caroline, mother of 3 children, offers us 9 tips and tricks that saved his nights! To complete these tips, also find our article “the golden rules for teaching baby to sleep alone and without crying”.

Here are the tips for fall asleep easily which work well in many cases. Finally, each child is unique and therefore, what may work for one may be less effective for the other … so we try, we test and we choose.

Small note in passing, if the technique can be, or not, adapted to the child, it is the same for the parent. So choose a technique that works for you to you, because if it blows you up right away, there is little chance that the baby will fall to sleep. From my experience with our children, some techniques were at the top with dad, and Loulou slept soundly in 2 minutes flat, whereas with me, it could last for hours and everyone got angry!

The baby-sling ride to put baby to sleep during the day

My favorite thing about putting my Loulou to sleep was to take it in an anatomical baby carrier. Click clack. Baby is glued to the belly, the ear to the heart. Between the heat and the cradle of the walk, it worked pretty well. Some of my friends preferred the scarf, but personally I found it convenient to only have two ties to undo to put Loulou in his crib. If this technique is at the top for daytime sleep and for naps, it is much less suitable for the nights.

Note also that the stroller ride variant is also effective in putting babies to sleep. It protects the wearer’s back a little and allows the child to fall asleep without physical contact. In addition, if the accommodation allows it, we can let our infant sleep in the pram without having to take him out, and therefore risk waking him up.

The magic finger

SuperPapa’s magic trick was to stroke baby’s forehead very gently, from the hair to the bridge of the nose. Just a small thumb or an open hand that slides delicately between the two eyes, over the “third eye”. All of this practiced with quiet strength …
Because the other tip (easier said than done) is alsobe completely available, without impatience to throw Loulou in his bed!

In short, Tranquility + Softness = Sleep

The elongated cradles

Personally, when I’m tired, I have a hard time struggling … One trick that worked well was to rocking baby lying down, turned a little towards me, my arm and my hand passing behind him. It was necessarily a little facilitated by the co-sleeping, but we can imagine putting our infant back to sleep on a mattress in his room.

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The hug in silence

When he was crying at night, when the Loulous woke up, it was sometimes enough to hug him and hug in silence. When they are still small, the skin to skin is a good way to help them calm down because they find the beating of the heart, the reassuring smell of the parent, the cradles … In his book, “The secrets of a baby charmeuse”, Tracy Hogg suggests the Up and Down. She recommends picking up baby when he cries, then resting him when he stops, without extending the hug. This lets baby know that we’re here, but it’s time to fall asleep on your own.

Noise to put baby to sleep

It may seem paradoxical, and yet … For me, it was quite a discovery when a friend told me about white noise. Enough to ? White noise, or “white noise” in English, are continuous and muffled noises that can remind baby of what he heard in-utero, a bit like background noise, a background sound. There is something hypnotic about some babies. We find the noises of vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, fans, or even natural noises like in relaxations (waves, waterfall, rain)… Of course, the marketing being on the lookout, small devices can broadcast this type of sound, or even CDs like the album “Happiest baby on the block”.

The big bath

What better way to relax than a bath? Water has undeniably soothing and calming effects on toddlers. That is why integrate the bath in the evening ritual is a good way to release tension and prepare for sleep. No need to prolong it, 5 minutes may be sufficient. Moreover, when they are infants, the bath is more a question of relaxation and apprehension of the body than a necessity related to hygiene or cleanliness.


A little massage can be a great way to prepare baby for sleep. We dim the light, we settle in a heated room and we walk the baby’s body with our hands, whether naked or dressed. See our full article on virtues of massage. This particularly soothing contact can also be made more precise: we stroke the stomach gently in a clockwise direction to help digestion, we sweep the back, legs or even feet … Very effective on babies, a mini Foot reflexology can help to relax: massage the soles of the feet, pinch the toes very delicately by stretching them backwards, and twist with the tip of the finger on the point in the center of the foot, just between the pads of the toes to stimulate the solar plexus …

Chantonner decresendo

Another technique to accompany baby towards the arms of Morpheus, to sing a somewhat haunting song and reduce the volume very slowly. A great way to guide our Loulou towards silence.

The practical material to put baby to sleep

Let’s start with the hardware! Of course, all the paraphernalia of childcare is not essential, but it is clear that a certain number of small objects can make our life easier. So why deny it?

  • We will of course think of the transitional object par excellence: the Doudou, Ninnin. It is called so because its purpose is to ensure the transition from the parents.
  • The night light is also a great classic, as well as its variant which projects the light on the ceiling, which can have a calming effect a little “hypnotizing” while attracting the attention.
  • We can also think of nursery rhymes or even small music heard in-utero which reassures baby.
  • There are also the swing beds some of which are “self-rocking” without being motorized. The advantage is that they move smoothly at first and then stop moving when baby is sleeping.
  • Of course, the nipple is not a must have, but it meets the sucking need of many infants. For or against, it’s up to you. here is “Pacifier or thumb”, here’s what the readers of CPMHK have to say.
  • For my son Noah, who took a long time to get into bed, the nursery assistants at the nursery used the bed on casters. They gently rocked him and thus remained present for less and less time, while teaching him to fall asleep without contact.

How to fall asleep without breastfeeding?

Of course, the breast or the bottle is a deadly weapon when it comes to putting the baby to sleep. But we may want to find other solutions: because we need to have more time to ourselves, because we are going to pass the baton on… But letting your baby fall asleep without a feed does not mean letting him sleep without contact . So all of the previous tips can work. It’s about giving a new habit, building a new ritual. Usually, it takes around 15 days to set up, so it’s far from easy, but it can be good to hang in there!

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How to put baby to sleep? Tricks saved my nights