Influencers in the crosshairs of financial authorities

On December 8, the Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, invited a noisy band of influencers to Place Beauvau for the “Raise awareness of the fight against violence against women”, according to these. That evening, the former “Marseillais” and “Angels of reality TV” were accompanied and filmed by their agent, Magali Berdah, patron of Shauna Events.

The latter has been very introduced to the government since a lunch with its spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, in March, followed by meetings with Sarah El Hairy (Secretary of State for Youth and Engagement) and Elisabeth Moreno (Minister delegate in charge of equality between women and men). Forced to calm the “bad buzz” that followed the dissemination of images of the meeting on social networks, on which we see the hilarious influencers, without masks, singing and dancing around the minister, Magali Berdah was not yet at the the end of his troubles.

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Indeed, since December 13, several reality TV stars installed in Dubai, some of whom are represented by Shauna Events, are officially in the sights of a national task force to fight against financial scams, made up of the Paris prosecutor’s office. , the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF), which reports to the Ministry of the Economy.

Reality TV figures set up as “models”

Several files recently handled by Bercy agents have confirmed over the past year the worrying rise in deceptive online commercial practices in the field of financial services, in particular from influencers, renamed “finfluenceurs” (contraction of “finance” and “influencer “). « Social networks and influencers are the new entry point that has appeared in recent years, confirms the AMF. In this way, it is a younger audience, from a more modest background than the traditional target of investment scams that is now affected, particularly in the field of trading.. »

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« Reality TV contestants generally promote cryptocurrencies and highly volatile financial products, where it is very difficult for novices to anticipate fluctuations. », alert the DGCCRF. However, since December 2016, the Sapin 2 law regulates advertising of financial products and prohibits the promotion of these complex products. Especially with young people “Poorly trained”, impressed by reality TV figures erected as “Models” of social advancement and rapid enrichment, which expose their ” success “ in the sun with big blows of luxury cars or flashy watches… The damage is such that the DGCCRF has done “The fight against unfair influencer marketing practices, one of its priority areas of control for 2022”.

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Influencers in the crosshairs of financial authorities