“It’s really too realistic”: those who loved “Don’t Look Up”

LMost disaster films devote ninety minutes to heroes attempting to brave disaster. Released on Netflix on Christmas Eve, Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial is a disaster film in which the disaster does not trigger anything. The success is global. Everyone understood that for us it was a question of dealing with global warming. More worryingly, some specialists react to this farce as if it were a documentary …

The climatologist Peter Kalmus ensures in the Guardian that the film captured the madness it faces every day : the “Captures very well the terrifying non-response to the climate crisis”. The English environmental activist George Monbiot remembers having cracked on a television set like the character in the movie. Engineer and lecturer Jean-Marc Jancovici hopes that the political world will perceive the message of the film, which he considers to be only half a fiction. The climatologist Valérie Masson-Delmotte is sorry on Twitter: “The recent IPCC report of this summer was made public on August 9, the day of the announcement of the expected arrival of Lionel Messi in the PSG team …”

“Don’t look up” has become an expression to react to a two-way argument when it is better to talk about the climate crisis.

This satirical comedy actually looks like a Rorschach test, those symmetrical inkblots that psychiatrists submit to their patients. Everyone can find confirmation of their concerns. On Twitter, the geographer Damien Deville thus considers a film in which a scientist ends up corrupt and his cashier colleague fits well with the reality of researchers’ salaries. The “rebellious” Alexis Corbière sees it “Capitalism and profit for a handful of ultra-rich”. Journalists admit finding media representation “Very well seen”. They also find politicians’ fascination with tech billionaires, in whom they trust more than scientists.

Fortunately, there was an astrophysicist, Eric Lagadec, to explain that the risk of the Earth being annihilated by an asteroid was ultimately quite low. We almost forgot that the film was a comedy!

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« Don’t look up » has become an expression for reacting to a double-barreled controversy when it is better to talk about the climate crisis: a debate on a 24-hour news channel on the European flag? Don’t look up ! Or to complain about the place given to scientific denial: Périco Légasse saluting on LCI Grichka Bogdanoff “Died in accordance with his convictions” ? Don’t look up ! Or when the danger seems to be approaching in indifference: 24 ° C in Biarritz a 1is January ? Don’t look up !

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“It’s really too realistic”: those who loved “Don’t Look Up”