Arijit Singh, a woman suffering from coronary heart disease, is an asymptomatic artist in isolation


  • Singer Arijit Singh was attacked by Corona.
  • He is currently in home isolation as he has no symptoms.
  • Arijit lost his mother in Corona last year.

This time the digital desk: This time singer Arijit Singh was attacked by Corona. His wife is also Covid positive. The singer himself said that in a Facebook post. At present their physical condition is stable. Arijit said that they are currently in the home quarantine as there are no symptoms. Note that Arijit Singh lost his mother in Corona last year.

Incidentally, Arijit Singh’s mother passed away in May 2021 at the age of 52. Even after Kovid was released, it was not possible to save him. He was kept in Ekmo support as he had multiple body parts on his body. Arijit’s mother was admitted to a hospital in South Kolkata. The news of his mother’s illness was spread from a Facebook post. Netizens wanted to search for blood for his mother with Arijit’s identity on Facebook and Instagram profiles. Although blood was found till the end, it was not saved. The singer also thanked the fans by posting a post on social media after receiving the blood. Arijit wrote, ‘Many thanks to those who want to help me. But don’t do anything for my glory or fame. Now it is very important to stand by the people. We have to stand by every human being. No one is alone. ‘

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Note that this deadly virus has put its paw on the bodies of several celebrities of Tollywood. Actress Rituparna Sengupta was attacked by Corona on Saturday. Actress Srilekha Mitra and actor Riddhi Sen are affected by corona. Actress Srilekha Mitra came on Facebook Live and reported that she was positive on Friday. Actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay also got the news that Kovid was positive. Tollywood power couple Raj-Shubhsree and Dev-Rukmini have been attacked by Kovid. Raj-Shubhsree has to leave little Yuvan and live in seclusion. Poet Sreejith was attacked by Kovid. He is currently in isolation. He was attacked by Corona for the second time. A few days ago, Srijit Mukherjee was attacked by Corona. News that he also got double vaccination. It is learned that his wife Mithila’s report also came positive on Saturday. Recently, actress and politician Parno Mitra has also contracted covid. Actor Rudranil Ghosh has also been attacked by Kovid. Affected star-MP Mimio.

eisamayKolkata Film Festival suspended in Corona
Meanwhile, the 26th Calcutta International Film Festival has also been postponed due to the cowardly atmosphere.

ei samay

Arijit Singh and his wife Koel. File photo. Courtesy – Navbharat Times.

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Arijit Singh, a woman suffering from coronary heart disease, is an asymptomatic artist in isolation