Corona’s paw in Tollywood, Dev-Rukmini attacked

This time the digital desk: One after another, Kovid is raiding the house of Tolitaraka. This time the MP actor was attacked by Corona I will And his girlfriend is actress Rukmini Maitra. After Mimi, this time Dev-Rukmini was attacked by Kovid. Rukmini said on Wednesday that she was positive. Rukmini wrote on her Twitter handle, ‘I am telling you all, I am Covid positive. At the moment I am in seclusion, I am being treated by the family doctor, everyone should wear a mask. ‘ Deva doesn’t even know in a moment that he is also covid positive. However, the actor said that Dev has no symptoms.

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Meanwhile, actress Mimi Chakraborty has contracted coronavirus. Not only Mimi, actors like Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Rudranil Ghosh were attacked by Kovid on the same day. Power couple Raj-Shubhshree from Tolipara got infected by Kovid on Tuesday.
eisamayI will wait for the report of Covid test, Rukmini-negative

The state is not growing fast. In the last 24 hours, 14,022 people have been infected with the new corona in the state, the health department said on Wednesday. With this, a total of 16 lakh 8 thousand 323 people have been infected with the deadly virus till date. It is learned that at present, the total number of active corona victims in the state is 33,042. Samples were tested on 80,511 people. At present, the state’s positivity rate is 23.17 percent.
eisamayKatar Krushal Ahuja mourns the loss of a loved one However, on Wednesday morning, false news spread that Dev’s corona had been attacked. Rukmini was also suffering from fever for two days but at that time her cowardly report came negative. But again today both Dev and Rukmini tested positive. In this situation, the MP (Dev) gave a message to everyone to be careful and cautious. “We are fighting,” he said. So it can be done after movies, public meetings, fairs, gatherings.
That’s how the end of 2021 went well for Dev. After the second wave of Corona was cut, the third wave of Corona came without seeing the face of profit in the movie ‘Tonic’ starring him and Paran Bandyopadhyay. However, the good news is that the cinema hall is open with 50% of the audience. The Bengali film ‘Tonic’ starring Dev and Paran Bandyopadhyay. Housefull has been showing this film since its release. Gradually the situation became normal. The audience was coming to the cinema hall. The owners also saw the light of hope. But suddenly the third wave of Kovid turned everything upside down.

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Corona’s paw in Tollywood, Dev-Rukmini attacked