If he jumps in love with the hero, his family will break up: ‘Little wife’ Devika


  • Was Prosenjit in love? Devika opened her mouth
  • Devika says, ‘How many heroines are making love in today’s heroines’
  • He said, ‘No one can be an artist without love’

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A garland of jasmine flowers on her head, wearing a pink sari, a small red tip on her forehead – the heroine is singing love songs with the hero on the sand on the beach. A lot of romance is falling in the eyes of the hero-heroine. Anjan Chowdhury’s superhit movie in the late eightiesLittle wifeThis is what Devika-Prosenjit has captured on screen in a song scene of ‘. Has the touch of on-screen romance touched the real goddess? From Prosenjit’s heroine to love with heroes This time digital– Devika Mukherjee opened her mouth in an exclusive interview.

Ever fallen in love with a hero? Was Prosenjit in love? With a smile, Devika straightforwardly replied, ‘I won’t say love. But yes, I made love. The first man in my life is not my husband. No one can be an artist without love. ‘ Then the ‘little wife’ added, ‘I will not say who I fell in love with. She is now with her family. If I say it now, it may be a quarrel for me unnecessarily … I will eat the case for no reason. But, I’m fine. ‘ In this context, Devika further said, “Today’s heroines are making love in a diplomatic way”.

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eisamay‘I can’t get a job because I don’t have grassroots, I will go to Mamata’, explosive ‘little wife’ Devika

Anjan Chowdhury’s ‘Little Wife’ was released in 1986. Devika reached the top of popularity overnight with this photo. Prosenjit Chatterjee was opposite Devika in the film. Devika-Prosenjit romance was loved by the audience at that time.
What is the relationship with Prosenjit as a hero? Devika laughed and said, ‘I have always had a good relationship with Prosenjit. He has reached another height. The boy is very good. I have a cold. He gave me some medicine and said that you can shoot better tomorrow. I got a lot of support from him. A person cannot rise to such a high place just by doing politics. He must have his own performance … he had to do politics to save his life … he still has a good relationship with Bumbar ‘.

Devika told a story behind the offer of the movie ‘Little Wife’. He said, ‘When I returned home after worshiping with my mother at Kalighat, I saw Anjanda sitting there. Seeing me, he said, I am the heroine of his next movie. This is like a mother’s blessing. The younger wife was very hit. I never made a movie like that again. But, people still remember. It’s like a blessing to me. ‘

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A scene from the movie ‘Little Wife’

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If he jumps in love with the hero, his family will break up: ‘Little wife’ Devika