Massive trolled Nasiruddin Shah called the Mughals ‘refugees’!

Naseeruddin Shah Trolled: Kangana Ranaut’s relationship with controversy is not the only one. There is another person whose various comments sometimes cause a storm of controversy. However, there is a big difference between his comments and Kangana. What a difference, I left it up to the readers to decide. However, this time the veteran actor was criticized for any comment Nasiruddin ShahCome to that word.

In a recent interview, Nasir (Naseeruddin Shah) said that the Mughals are refugees in this country. And after that the actor faced trolling of netizens. His remarks about the Taliban in September caused a great deal of controversy. In the video surrounding the brawl, Nasiruddin said, “Again and again we highlight the oppression of the Mughals. Forget it, these Mughals have done a lot for the country. He has built several historical monuments and has made this country a gold mine of dance, music, painting and literature. They wanted to make this country their own country. If you want them, you can call them refugees. ‘

Nasiruddin Shah warns Indians over Taliban rule
So why are netizens so angry with his comments? Take a look at what was said, centering on Nasiruddin’s statement.

One of them said, ‘What is so obsessive about invaders? They are refugees! ‘ Another wrote, ‘His head is gone … he has lost all sense of justice. There is no reason to take his words seriously. Our country is full of ungrateful people. He is one of them. ‘

Another wrote, “Despite receiving so much love and respect from us, he proved himself to be that gulfam Hussain of Sarfarosh.”
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In an interview to the media in August after the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput last year, Nasiruddin said that there was no ‘movie mafia’ in Bollywood. At the same time, his cannon is aimed at Kangana without naming her. He has the responsibility to seek justice for Sushant, as if he has taken it on his shoulders. Nasiruddin Shah expressed grief over the death of a ‘young genius’ like Sushant and said he believed in justice. In his words, ‘you have to believe in the justice system. It’s not a personal matter. ” The veteran actor further said, “Many people are meeting the personal animosity towards the industry.” There is a lot of controversy over his statement.

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Massive trolled Nasiruddin Shah called the Mughals ‘refugees’!