Nakul Mehta’s 11-month-old son infected with covid! The wife shared the horrible experience

Nakuul Mehta: Nakul Mehta is a big star on the small screen. This name is very familiar to those who regularly watch Hindi serials. And those who know the actors by their screen names more than their real names, if I say to them, it is getting bigger, Ram in the serial? And there is no difficulty in recognizing? Yes, Nakul Mehta Corona was infected two weeks ago. He recovered just before the start of the new year. He also celebrated the New Year with his 11-month-old son Sufi and wife Janaki Parekh. But then the bad news in the world. Janaki and their 11-month-old son infected with covid.

Janaki Parekh wrote a long post on Instagram. There he told how much they had to go through the crisis. He wrote, ‘I knew from the beginning that we would all be infected with covid today or tomorrow. But I didn’t get a glimpse of the storm that swept through last week. As you all know, two weeks ago my husband got covid. A few days later I also had some symptoms. I thought the worst experience for Kovid was not being able to be part of my sister’s wedding. Little did I realize then that the next few days would be the most difficult time of my life. Sufi got fever a day after I caught Kovid. Her fever did not go away even after taking medicine and water sponge. He had to be rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night as his fever was 104.2. From Kovid ICU with him I saw how my little Sona continued to fight with courage. I was amazed at every moment … wondering where I got the courage to endure so much pain. ‘

At the same time he thanked Sufi Nanny. Janaki herself could not stay in the ICU with Sufi for more than two days as she was infected with Kovid. He also became seriously ill. At that moment, as if by God’s blessing, Sufi’s nanny Kovid agreed to stay in the ICU. So that little Sufi has no problem.

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Janaki Parekh sincerely thanked the doctors for healing the boy. At the same time, he appealed to every parent … not to expose their children in any way during this difficult time.

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Nakul Mehta’s 11-month-old son infected with covid! The wife shared the horrible experience